Best Spray Paint For Metal Outdoor Furniture 8 Hot Picks 2023 Updated [Reviewed]

We paint metals to keep them safe from the harsh environment, mist, dust, and high temperatures. Also to decorate it and get it presentable. The most use of metal paint I have seen is for renewing the car’s outer look. So all these uses of metal paints make it a very important job to find the best spray paints for metal. I was working on this article for a long time, so believe me you are going to find many genuinely good products in the below-given list, just hang around a little bit more. 

Getting spray paints instead of the other options available is a very intelligent choice. Spray paints make the job much easier and even kids can use them with some practice beforehand.

However, getting a good quality spray paint is not very easy, as you are getting it not only for aesthetics but to save the surface from the outside environment. Hence buying the best quality product is also necessary depending on the project you are working on. I have written a buying guide for finding the best spray paints for metal at the end to make this task easier for you. So without wasting any more time, let us move toward the products I shortlisted for you.

8 Best Spray Paints For Metal Comparison Table

ImageProductDetails  Price
Krylon FusionKrylon K02732007 Fusion All-In-One Spray Paint for Indoor/Outdoor Use Brand: Krylon
Model Number: K02732007
Colours: Black
Paint Type: Spray
Unit Count: 12.0 Ounce
Finish Type: gloss, metallic, satin, flat, matte, textured, and hammered
Item Dimensions: 2.61 x 2.61 x 7.96 inches
Coverage: 25 square feet
Material: Solvent-based
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Rust-Oleum (Hammered)Rust-Oleum 7215830 Stops Rust Hammered Spray Paint Brand: Rust-Oleum
Model Number: 7215830 rust hammered
Colours: Black, bright red, brown, Copper, dark bronze, gold, Gray, Matte Black,  Matte Brown, Silver, matte copper.
Paint Type: Spray
Unit Count: 12.0 Ounce
Finish Type: Hammered
Item Dimensions: 2.63 x 2.63 x 7.88 inches
Coverage: 15 square feet
Material: Oil-based
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Rust-OleumRust-Oleum 280716 American Accents Ultra CoverBrand: Rust-Oleum
Model Number: 280716
Colours: Apple Red, Flat Black, Flat White, Gloss Black, Coral, Satin Lagoon, Gloss Seaside, Brilliant Blue, Ivory, Purple, Satin Blossom White, Wildflower
Paint Type: Spray
Unit Count: 12.0 Ounce
Finish Type: Gloss
Item Dimensions: 2.62 x 2.62 x 7.88 inches
Coverage: 12 square feet
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MROSEYMOUR 620-1415 Industrial MRO Brand: Seymour
Model Number: TM620-1415
Colours: Gloss Black
Paint Type: Spray
Unit Count: 16.0 Ounce
Finish Type: Gloss
Item Dimensions: ‎2.5 x 2.5 x 9 inches
Material: Enamel solvent based
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VHTVHT SP652 Satin Black Epoxy All Weather Paint CanBrand: VHT
Model Number: SP652
Colours: Multiple Colours
Paint Type: Spray
Unit Count: 15.5 Ounce
Finish Type: Satin unbaked
Item Dimensions: ‎2.61 x 2.61 x 7.95 inches
Material: Solvent-based
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Rust-OleumRust-Oleum 301551 AC1213 Universal Pearl Metallic Spray PaintBrand: Rust-Oleum
Model Number: 301551 AC1213
Colours: sea mist, champagne pink
Paint Type: Spray
Unit Count: 11.0 Ounce
Surface Recommendation: wood, metal, glass, concrete, wicker, aluminum, plastic, fibreglass, and more
Finish Type: Matte
Item Dimensions: ‎2.63 x 2.63 x 9 inches
Material: Oil-based
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Krylon MetalicKrylon K02203 General Purpose, 12 Ounces BRILLIANT SPRAY PAINT METALLIC COPPERBrand: Krylon
Model Number: K02203
Colours: 7 colours
Paint Type: Spray
Unit Count: 11.0/ 12.0 Ounces depending on the color
Surface Recommendation: Wood, Ceramic, Copper, Glass, Plastic, Metal
Finish Type: Copper finish
Item Dimensions: ‎‎7.9 x 2.6 x 2.6 inches
Material: Water-based
Coverage: 25 square feet
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Design Master Antique GoldDesign Master 746 Garden, Antique Gold, 11 ounces Brand: Design Master
Model Number: 756
Colours: Golden
Paint Type: Spray
Unit Count: 11.0 Ounces 
Surface Recommendation: Wood, Ceramic, Copper, Glass, Plastic, Metal
Finish Type: Satin finish
Item Dimensions: ‎‎2.75 x 2.75 x 7.88 inches
Material: Water-based

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1. Rust-Oleum 280716 American Accents Ultra Cover

Rust-Oleum 280716 American Accents Ultra Cover
  • Comes in many colours including different shades of black and white as well. 
  • The coverage of this paint is up-to mark as it covers 12 feet with just one pack.
  • Best for interior as well as exterior articles
  • Dries off as quickly as possible
  • It comes in a glossy finish
  • Equipped with any angle comfortable tip that reduces finger fatigue.
  • Can be applied on any surface including wood, metal, plastics, and ceramics.
  • Superior durability with smooth, full coverage and vivid colour

Rust-Oleum has made its name in such a short time not only because of the high-quality painting products but also because of the incredible finish it leaves. I personally love this brand and hence I present to you my favorite product, Rust-Oleum 280716, the best spray paint for metal. This paint is made of all the materials that allow us to apply it on other surfaces as well, like wood, plastics, and ceramics. 

I love this spray paint, as it allows me to apply it whether on indoor articles or outdoors, as it works perfectly on both. This spray paint of Rust-Oleum gives amazing coverage with durable properties that keeps the surface unharmed for years. It covers 12 square feet in just one packing, which means it gets the job done while using the minimum paint. It allows easy painting as it reduces the finger fatigue that you get while using the hard sprayers. This spray paint comes with a very comfortable to use “any angle” spray paint tip. Not only this, but it makes it effortless to reach the surfaces that are hard to approach while using a paintbrush or roller. 

Moreover, this Rust-oleum paint comes in multiple colours that allow you to utilize it for multiple purposes from aesthetics to protection. One thing you must take notice of is that it has a glossy finish. Additionally, I noticed that this spray paint dries very fastly when applied not only on metal but also on wood and other surfaces. However, when I applied this product to plastic it did not last as long as on other surfaces. So if you think this product matches your checklist, go get one for yourself as early as possible.


  • Durable
  • Easy to use the tip
  • It dries off only in 20 minutes
  • Comes in multiple colours
  • Can be used for aesthetics as well as high-quality protection of metal r


  • Does not work perfectly on plastic

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2. Krylon K02732007 Fusion All-In-One Spray Paint For Indoor/Outdoor Use

Krylon K02732007 Fusion All-In-One Spray Paint for Indoor/Outdoor Use
  • Best for interior as well as exterior surfaces.
  • Comes only in black colour
  • Multiple finishes are available including gloss, metallic, satin, flat, matte, textured, and hammered
  • Multiple finishes are available including gloss, metallic, satin, flat, matte, textured, and hammered
  • Great 5X adhesion properties
  • No-peel guarantee
  • The least preparation is required
  • No primer is required
  • No sanding is required
  • Bonds perfectly even to smooth surfaces
  • Premium rust protection
  • Fade resistance
  • Spray at any angle, and reach any place

This spray paint from Krylon is the best option for you if you want high-quality protection and durability against rust. As the name of this product suggests, this product can be used on any surface not only on metal. So applying this paint on the metal surface not only gives it the perfect new outlook but also protects it from harsh and harmful environmental rust. 

Krylon K02732007 comes with a high adhesive property that makes it even more durable. When I used this paint on my metal door it worked its magic and protected it against every harmful substance like water and high temperatures. Additionally, this product does not require any primer as it already has it. So your energy, as well as time, is saved by this unique feature of this product. 

Moreover, this spray paint is known as the best spray paint for metals because it requires no sanding as well, it bonds to any surface like magic whether it is smooth or not. As it has got special adhesion properties as explained earlier. Not only this, there are thousands of reasons for including this paint here. For example, it dries only in 1 hour and allows recoat in just 2 hours reducing the overall idle time. 

Talking about the coverage, it covers 25 square feet in just 12 ounces making it the best of all. However, there is one thing very restrictive about Krylon K02732007, that it comes only in black colour, so you do not get any choice in regards to colours. Though this spray paint comes in multiple finishes including gloss, metallic, satin, flat, matte, textured, and hammered.  So if you are looking for black paint then this option might be your go-to product.


  • All angle spray tip
  • Comes in multiple finishes
  • Special adhesive properties
  • No need for primer as well as sanding
  • Covers 25 square feet in just 12 ounces
  • Get the surface ready for 2nd coat in just 2 hours


  • Comes only in black color

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3. Rust-Oleum 7215830 Stops Rust Hammered Spray Paint

Rust-Oleum 7215830 Stops Rust Hammered Spray Paint
  • Oil-based High in quality paint 
  • Covers up to 15 square feet in 12 ounces
  • Available in many colours mentioned in the specifications
  • Comes only in hammered finish
  • Dries to touch only in 2 to 4 hours
  • Excellent resistance to fading, rust, and abrasion
  • Can be applied on other surfaces than metal also
  • Easily cleanable with xylene products
  • Long-lasting 
  • Can be used on exterior metal articles
  • Resistance to moisture

As I mentioned earlier, Rust-Oleum is producing the best spray paints for metals right now. This Rust hammered spray paint from this brand is also one of the top options you can find. It protects the surface for years to come so that no moisture can seep into the metal surface. This spray paint is not only used for protection purposes but also to keep the surface smooth as well as for aesthetics and ornamental purposes. 

This Rust-Oleum rust hammered spray paint does not require any sanding and can be applied on bare metal. However, one thing that you must do is to clean the surface with some cleanser to remove any sort of dirt or debris to get the smoothest and desired finish. You must note one thing here: this spray paint can not be applied on galvanized steel as it does not work well with it and gets destroyed within no time. You might need to apply 1-2 coats of this spray paint to gain the maximum protection and desired results. While coating keeps yourself focused so that no edge, corner, or any part remains unattended. 

Moreover, This spray paint usually dries in 2 to 4 hours to touch, however it might need an extended drying period if the temperature is low and humidity in the air is high. The cleaning of this paint is also very easy, just use xylene products. Other than that, to your surprise, this product can be applied on other surfaces as well, like wood, concrete, and Mansory. Additionally, this paint is usable on exterior articles as well.


  • No pungent odour
  • No sanding is required
  • No fading and cracking
  • Can be used on exterior articles


  • Requires primer
  • Cannot be used on galvanised steel.

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4. SEYMOUR 620-1415 Industrial MRO

SEYMOUR 620-1415 Industrial MRO
  • This spray paint provides 3-4x coverage as compared to competitors.
  • Enamel based composition
  • Durable 
  • Rust resistant 
  • Lead-free coating 
  • Environment friendly 
  • Industrial quality paint 
  • Best for exterior surfaces
  • Excellent resistance against gasoline and corrosive chemicals 
  • Can withstand the temperature of 300F with high humidity
  • Mist resistant 
  • Uniform and glossy finish 
  • Comes in only one colour that is Black

The first and foremost thing that you want from spray paint is its high-quality composition and long-lasting abilities. Surprisingly this product from Seymour is famous for these 2 qualities. It is an industrial-quality paint that is one of the best spray paints for metals. This paint is a more durable option than all other competitors because it is specially made for industrial use, as mentioned before. 

Seymour provides a high-quality coat that is lead-free by nature. No presence of lead makes this paint one of the safest spray paints available with the guarantee to protect the surface against rust, mist, and harsh environments. Not only this but this spray paint by Seymour offers great resistance against gasoline and corrosive chemicals hence saving your articles and surfaces for many future years. All these qualities make this paint a perfect choice to be used on exterior articles as it can withstand 300F and high humidity. 

Moreover, if we talk about the coverage of this spray paint by Seymour you would be surprised as it provides 3 to 4 times more coverage as compared to similar competitors. This makes the customers go with these spray paints rather than others. Additionally, if you are a beginner DIY enthusiast, this is the best option for you as it is extremely easy to use and provides a uniform finish, just make sure there is no dust on the surface before you spray paint it. Other than that, its drying speed is also up-to-the-mark.


  • Provides more and better coverage.
  • Durable high industrial level spray paint
  • Best for the exterior articles and surfaces
  • No wastage as it has a high-quality nozzle
  • Best for the DIY enthusiast as it is very easy to apply


  • Available in only 1 color and 1 finish

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5. VHT SP652 Satin Black Epoxy All Weather Paint Can

VHT SP652 Satin Black Epoxy All Weather Paint Can
  • Rust Resistant
  • Specially made for automobiles 
  • Can withstand temperatures up to 2000F
  • Excellent resistance against corrosion, chemicals, and salts
  • High coverage 
  • Highly-affordable option
  • Available in multiple colours
  • Comes in an unbaked satin finish
  • Best for bigger projects
  • Can be applied on other surfaces as well like fiberglass and plastic
  • There is no need for primer before this paint
  • Easy to use a nozzle
  • The cleaning process is also very easy 

This spray paint by VHT is our top choice for bigger projects because of its high coverage qualities. VHT is one of the most famous names when it comes to the best spray paints for metals. Yet this product proves brand loyalty as when I used this paint, I just loved the coverage as well as the quality and the protection it provides. This spray paint is specially made for automobiles and hence provides extra protection for harsh and unfavorable conditions. 

VHT SP652 is the good news for the DIY enthusiast who wants to makeover their cars and give them a new look. This paint gives a great uniform baked-on finish and ultimate protection. As this paint has the specialty to be used on bigger projects like painting automobiles, there is no worry left for coverage. A tiny bottle of this paint is enough to get your biggest job done. Other than that, it is highly protective against heat and can withstand up to 2000F which is just incredible. 

Moreover, this paint can be used on different surfaces including fiberglass and plastic. Interestingly, there is no need for primer and sanding with this product. I used this spray paint in dark colour but I have seen some reviews that light colours tend to drip. So I think to cater to this problem, VHT must do something.  However, if you want good quality and cheap spray paint in dark colour this should be your ride and die.


  • Smooth finish
  • Affordable option
  • No need for primer
  • Best for automobiles
  • Can withstand temperatures up to 2000F


  • Cause drips in light colours.

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6. Rust-Oleum 301551 AC1213 Universal Pearl Metallic Spray Paint

Rust-Oleum 301551 AC1213 Universal Pearl Metallic Spray Paint
  • Suitable for indoor as well as outdoor articles
  • Available in 2 colours and 1 finish
  • Highly durable 
  • Superior coverage
  • Chip resistant
  • Fade-resistant 
  • Can be applied on multiple types of surfaces
  • UV protection
  • Rust resistant 
  • Smooth finish
  • Easy to apply
  • Any angle spraying nozzle
  • Reduced finger fatigue

This is yet another incredible product from Rust-Oleum that ensures to keep its users happy because of its high quality and durability. This spray paint is universal to use on any surface whether metal, wood, aluminium, wicker, or plastic. It provides long-lasting protection not only against rust but chipping, fading, abrasion, and harsh environmental conditions. This spray paint provides a deep shimmery and rich metallic look to the interior and exterior projects. 

Interestingly, this product, Rust-Oleum AC1213, has a large fan following over the internet which forced me to try it. And to my surprise, this was one of the best spray paints for metals. All the chemicals utilized in this painting spray provide super adhesion to the material which provides maximum protection. This is an oil-based formula hence gives a very smooth finish even on rough surfaces, what else do we want? right. Another special thing about this spray paint is its design quality. The cap of this can is very intelligently designed that can spray at any angle which in return reduces finger fatigue. 

Moreover, this paint has a wide range of colours and finishes. Hence you can apply this spray paint on the outside metal door and even your kitchen cabinets. The one thing this product lacks is that it requires sanding before application on a previously coated surface. This can be a tricky task for beginners. Other than that, the drying time is top-notch and heat resistance is also up to mark.


  • Durable
  • Incredible coverage
  • Any angle spray nozzle
  • Maximum adhesion to the surface for improved protection


  • Comes in 2 colors only
  • Multiple coats are required

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7. Krylon K02203 General Purpose, 12 Ounces BRILLIANT SPRAY PAINT METALLIC COPPER

Krylon K02203 General Purpose, 12 Ounces BRILLIANT SPRAY PAINT METALLIC COPPER
  • Best spray paint for decorative purposes
  • Comes in amazing 7 colours
  • Coverage is amazing
  • Can be applied on other surfaces as well like wood, ceramic, copper, glass, and plastic
  • Highly nontoxic in nature as it is a purely water-based paint
  • It comes in a copper finish giving all articles a metallic look
  • Only good for indoor articles
  • Does not provide protection against sun, mist, and other harsh environmental conditions
  • Best to give a bright outlook to the articles
  • Easy to clean 
  • Durable for indoor projects only.
  • Dries quickly in 15 minutes or less

Just like Rust-Oleum, every spray paint of Krylon has an amazing fan base. This paint by Krylon K02203 is considered the best spray paint for metal by many of its users and I also consider it one of the finest products which is why it is present in the list. This paint is specially made for the larger product. It gives the article a metallic look that makes it very pleasant for the eyes. Not only for larger projects but this paint is also being utilized for smaller articles as well for décor purposes. 

There are multiple things that matter when we are choosing spray paint. Believe me, finding the right colours is the most difficult job. We can find multiple big companies that produce good quality paints but finding the right colour is not that easy. However, with this Krylon K02203, colour is not a problem. It comes in amazing 7 colours that can make any of your projects alive within no time, giving it a new look overall. Additionally, the coverage of this product is also amazing as it covers up to 25 square feet in just 12 ounces. 

Moreover, this product comes in a pure metallic copper finish that means as soon as it is applied to any surface it gives it a fresh and metallic look even if it is just plastic. One thing to note here is this paint is not very protective against environmental hazards. It just provides the aesthetics and good look but fails to protect the articles against sun, mist, abrasion, etc. So if you are planning to use this product on exterior articles I would say just don’t. Do not get upset, it protects the surfaces indoors very well that is how it gained the trust of thousands of people including me. 

The last thing I said to you about the durability of the product might have upset you but aesthetics and durability go hand in hand. It is time to admit that we apply paint mostly just to give a good outlook to the product. So do not be upset about it and I would definitely suggest you this spray paint if you want to use it for ornamental purposes for indoor articles and projects.


  • Coverage is great
  • Comes in multiple colours
  • Dries in 15 minutes or less
  • Good for decorative purposes


  • Not the best for outdoor articles as it is not harsh environment protective

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8. Design Master 746 Garden, Antique Gold, 11 Ounces

Design Master 746 Garden, Antique Gold, 11 Ounces
  • Comes in satin finish 
  • Great finish 
  • Comes in rich golden colour
  • Flower-friendly hence can be utilized in flower art
  • Applicable on multiple surfaces like Wood, Ceramic, Copper, Glass, Plastic, Metal, etc.
  • Water-based spray paint
  • Protective against environment
  • Heat and rust-resistant
  • Dries off quickly 

Our last product for the list of the best spray paints for metals would be this product by Design Master in antique Gold colour. It is enough to make the metal feel alive again. This is the product recommended by many DIY artists. When I used it for the first time as a beginner I did not know it was worth it.  However, talking as a professional painter I am in love with how this product works and provides long term protection alongside.

It comes in a very easy-to-use spray can with any angle spray nozzle. This nozzle is very soft to use and the finger fatigue is also reduced as compared to other products from competitors. Design Master 746 has a very elegant outlook and colour which makes any surface new. This product has great coverage and light mist, which allows the minimum usage of the product and reduces wastage. Light mist does not affect the protection qualities as this product is extremely resistant to harmful environmental conditions. 

Moreover, Design master 746 is highly pigmented hence you must expect a rich golden colour when sprayed. The coats required for the ultimate protection lie between 2-3 depending on the surface. Other than metals, this product is applicable on multiple surfaces like plastics, ceramics, aluminium, etc. Most importantly, this product is flower friendly with no hazardous ingredients hence can be utilized for flower decoration and art.


  • Durable
  • Dries of quickly
  • Used for flower art
  • Increased and improved coverage
  • The amazing royal color pigmentation


  • Flat finish instead of glossy

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A Complete Buying Guide For Buying The Best Spray Paint For Metals: READ MORE > Best LVLP Spray Guns Top 8 Picks

The main two reasons behind painting metals are decoration and protection. Talking about the first, most of the time when we apply paint to any surface the foremost reason is to give it a good outlook and to make it pleasant to  human eyes. Secondly, we also apply paint to provide protection to our articles. So these 2 reasons for the application of paints make it necessary to keenly decide which paint you should choose. We cannot ignore a single feature when it comes to choosing the right spray paint for metals. So before starting your DIY project and buying the spray paint you can consult the below-given buying guide in order to make the right decision. These are some qualities that need to be considered before buying. So let us not waste any more time and dive into it.

1- High-Temperature Resistance:

According to my experience, when we buy any spray paint we utilize it not only for indoor projects but also for outdoor articles if required. So the paint you selected must be powerful enough to face the harsh temperature conditions. Different paints have different temperature bearing ranges. For example, some paints can even bear a temperature of 2000F while some will fail to bear only 200F. So that is why you need to make the choice of the product very carefully, depending on where you want to use the paint. The common metal products that we paint are barbeque grills, fire pits, etc. These all items are used outdoors. Hence make sure to select the right product.

2- Usage Of Primer:

If you are a beginner DIY enthusiast, I would suggest you select the paint that does not require primer. Primer is a whole lot of work that most beginners fail to perform well without proper assistance. So I would recommend you select the product that is all in one and does not require any primer to be applied before the actual paint. Moreover, it is also time-consuming to apply primer before painting hence there are thousands of products available in the market that provide all-in-one paint.

3- Quality And Protection:

There is no compromise on the quality of the paint. We never want to reapply paint after every few months just because of its peeling and fading. Hence selecting the spray paint that is high in quality is very important. Quality is also very important to protect the surface. For example, any outdoor metal surface that is painted requires protection from sun, direct UV, water moisture, and other harsh environments. All of this requires paint to be of high quality. For instance, there are many paints that provide no protection and are used only for decoration. I would warn you to read the genuine review before buying the product  online so that there is no doubt left that it is useful for your job.

4- Types Of The Paints:

The type of paint you are selecting has very significant importance.  You can use oil paints, water-based paints, enamel, etc. But it solely depends on the surface you are working on and what sort of properties you want your paint to have. For example, oil paints are toxic however they provide a better finish, water-based paints are less toxic yet give a satisfactory finish on metals. Hence it is solely dependent on what we want personally.

5- Durability:

This is an important point that must be kept in mind while selecting the best spray paint for metals. Durability really matters especially when talking about outdoor metal painting because of the high heat and environment to which the article is exposed. Usually, low durability products also last long in indoor circumstances. The real issue we get is with outdoor projects. The spray paint you choose for the outdoor articles must have some basic qualities of heat resistance and most resistance. Moreover, it must not fade by the bombardment of UV on it. 

6- Drying Time:

Drying time is really important as we want to use the painted article as soon as possible after we are done painting. Additionally, we need the first coat to be dried off before the application of the second coat. Hence if the paint dries quickly it saves you a lot of time. There are spray paints available that even dries in just 10 minutes or less. So I would suggest you go for the products that have a good drying time.

7- Colour:

Most of the time the reason behind the painting is to decorate and give the surface a new look. So in this regard, colours matter a lot. We want colours that are natural yet royal. So choosing the right colour for your project is also a very important thing. For instance, you cannot choose black paint for a closed room, light colours give better visibility in this scenario. Hence, note to carefully choose the colour.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Every different spray paint has a different drying time. Some take hours to dry off while others can just take 15 minutes or less. The drying time of any paint is dependent on how thick the paint layer is applied and environmental conditions as well. 

A primer is a substance applied before actual paint that helps to keep the paint adhered to the surface (metal) for longer periods. Hence it is recommendable to use a primer especially when the metal is in constant contact with water or sunlight. Most of the spray paints come with an all-in-one offer in which primer capabilities are already included in the paint. This saves not only your money but also your time. 

Closing Thoughts:

As the ending note, I would say choosing the best spray paint for metal surfaces not only requires quality but also aesthetics. Black and white paints are not suitable for every article hence you need to step out of your shell and think out of the box to makeover your project like none other. This list has 8 top spray paints that I have personally tested and used. These all products are close to my heart due to their high-quality finish and durability. Hence, do not forget to go through the list before buying any spray paint. Other than that, I have written the buying guide, especially for you at the end, so that you do not get confused and can choose the best option for yourself.

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