How Much Does It Cost To Paint A Car A Different Color Cost?

Do you feel like a repaint? Have you become tired of the current colour of your car? Or perhaps you require some fresh paint to prevent rust? Whatever the motivation for a fresh coat of paint, let’s be clear about one thing: changing the colour of a whole car is expensive!

Instead of something you can do on the spur of the moment, you’ll likely need to save up for it over the next few months.

So, I’ve listed all the potential expenses you might have if you decide to paint your car in this article. Regardless of whether you want it done professionally or as a DIY endeavour. For more information on it, continue reading below.

How Much Does It Cost To Paint A Car A Different Color?

Why Should Your Car Be Painted A Unique Color?

The only justification for painting your car a different colour is for cosmetic reasons, unless it’s becoming extremely susceptible to rust (oxidation). Own it! That’s not always a bad thing.

Be aware that it is not essential for your car’s continued health and that it almost certainly won’t raise its market worth. The paint on a car is actually the finest barrier against rust. Currently, a lot of components also employ galvanized steel. But the thick coatings of oxidation-resistant paint keep any exposed portions dry from the inside out.

Because of this, paint chips are a bigger issue than you might realize. An automobile now has a spot where rust could enter and spread in addition to being blind. With a fresh coat of paint, an automobile may really stand out in terms of appearance.

Most manufacturers today only offer exceedingly drab blacks, whites, and greys as standard colour choices. Apply a fresh coat of vivid purple or orange to make your car stand out from the crowd.

There are other ways to advertise autos. If your coat is in good condition already, a thorough cleaning and wax would probably have a similar result. You will probably pay a few dollars overall for this, which is around a thousandth of what you would pay for a full respray.

Why Should Your Car Be Painted A Unique Color?

How Can Your Car Be Painted A Different Color?

Technically, you could paint your own automobile at home and drastically cut costs. Don’t do that, though, if there was ever a crucial piece of advise regarding the expense of changing your car’s colour.

The environmental department of your state’s government might for starters outright forbid it. Painting involves a lot more than you might imagine. The paint must be put on in thin, equal layers all over the car.

Before there is enough paint on the automobile to produce a vibrant, rust-protecting hue, you’ll need to repeat this process numerous times.

You must first establish a sealed environment lined with plastic sheets before you can even begin doing this. This can entail leasing a garage or workshop. Additionally, if you want to protect the windows, trim, and lights, prevent respiratory failure (recommended), and remove all of the current paint safely, you’ll need to purchase the necessary tools and PPE.

The paint will need to be purchased in the end. It is reasonable to expect to spend between $500 and $1,500 simply on these materials. If you want a special or manufacturer-only hue, expect to pay more than that.

To help you with this, a specialized workshop will already be set up. These technicians are not prone to errors. In the unusual event that they do, they should provide assurances to make it right.

How Can Your Car Be Painted A Different Color?

How Much Does It Cost To Have A Car Painted A Different Colour?

How much it would cost to alter the colour of your vehicle It is highly recommended that you have a few thousand extra dollars in your bank account before applying for professional employment.

A full, professional paint job typically costs between $2,000 and $5,000. Large national chains may provide more economical options. However, these are most likely only one layer thick. This will provide little to no rust prevention and will be easily chippable.

If a company offers a low-cost respray, consider how they’re able to do so. Remember that the paint alone can cost up to $1,000, and even if trades acquire it for less, they will still charge labor costs. Is it logical and legitimate?

One may readily assume that a low-cost respray is even less value than a high-cost job.

How Much Does It Cost To Have A Car Painted A Different Colour?

What Determines The Cost To Change A Car’s Color?

For around $300, a cheap firm might be able to paint your automobile and get you out the door. It would only require a simple one-coat paint job and no corrosion repair. The price will be significantly higher if your car needs to be sanded down to remove the old paint or has rust.

The Size Of The Painted Vehicle

The size of the vehicle has a big effect on the pricing. Due to the need for more paint, a Chrysler 300 will be more expensive than a Smart Car. Just as with SUVs, painting a Cadillac Escalade will cost more than painting a Nissan Juke.

Before Painting The Car, Repairs Are Necessary

Any vehicle with previous paint will need to be sanded down. Light corrosion on the car will also need to be sanded. If the rust has penetrated the entire automobile, the bodywork in that area needs to be redone. All of these elements must be taken into account because they will raise the price of painting the car a different colour.

The Car’s Current Paint Colour

Basic colours are the least expensive paints, with prices varying for each colour. These hues are White, Grey, and Black. Every other colour is regarded as Special. These cost a lot of money. Additionally, you must account for paint for the engine bays and door jams when determining the cost of painting.

Quality Of New Paint Car Color

There are high-quality paints and less expensive budget paints, just like everything else in life. Additionally, applying a single coat as opposed to multiple applications might have an impact on quality. While a single coat of economy paint in grey, black, or white can be finished for $300 to $1,000. 

Higher-quality paint is more expensive, especially if you have to sand the entire car or need body work due to rust. A job of that nature may cost as much as $3,500, including body work.

An expensive multi-coat paint job with unique body work that incorporates features like racing stripes or metallic flecks is available.

Prior To Changing The Colour Of A New Car

Taking Items From The Car

Before repainting the car, remove all of the trim. Remove any insignia and unpainted components. Painter’s tape should be applied to all windows and gaskets.

Sanding The Vehicle Before Painting It

The automobile needs to be completely painted over. The power sander will make removing all of the paint the simplest option. Sand hard-to-reach places by hand using the sandpaper. Carefully sand down any areas of light rust so that it can also be painted. The task will likely involve a lot of sanding.

Prime Prior To Changing The Colour Of The Car

Sanding and priming will become the methods by which you can make it look like a professional work. After sanding and priming, remove any previous paint. Sand again after priming, then prime once more.

What Does It Cost To Change The Color? Professional VS DIY

The price to paint a car a different colour will range from $500 to $3,500 if you choose to have it repainted by a reliable autobody shop. Less than $1,000 will be required for a basic paint job, but the company most likely won’t pay much attention to detail.

Your car can have imperfections in the fresh paint job. Usually, a higher-quality paint job would run you between $1,000 and $3,500. A common step in the procedure is to sand the car’s body to create a smooth surface and keep impurities out of the final paint job. It will likely last longer and look much prettier.

Finally, some stores offer paint jobs that are of showroom grade. Depending on the size and colour of the car, this might cost anywhere from $2,500 to $10,000. Typically, this procedure entails meticulously removing all of the existing paint off the metal paint before adding new coats of paint. To ensure a long-lasting paint finish, dozens of coats are occasionally added.

Reviews and recommendations are truly what matter when deciding which auto body shop to use for the task. Find out if your friends and relatives who have already had their cars painted recommend any particular shop by asking them. Additionally, you should search online for reviews and seek advice on automotive forums. Lastly, inquire about the shop’s paint warranty.

What Time Does It Take?

A qualified auto body shop will need to paint your car for anywhere between three days and a week. Of course, the paint job’s quality also has an impact. Without any bodywork, a single coat of repainting shouldn’t take more than three days to finish. However, applying several layers of higher-quality paint can take at least a week.

The task can be finished by oneself in three to five days on average. Depending on how fast you can work and how many coats of paint you want to use on your car. It will likely take some time if you choose to execute the task yourself, however we

Do it yourself?

Should you perform the work yourself if the cost is simply too high? While doing it yourself saves you money on labour, you will still have to invest your time. Additionally, you will still need to buy the appropriate tools. We advise figuring out the cost of purchasing or renting the necessary supplies and equipment before starting to paint your car yourself.

For instance, two coats of paint will require at least two gallons of paint. The price of an automotive paint gallon can range from $70 to $100, depending on the colour and brand you select.

A spray gun, an air compressor, safety goggles, a respirator, clear-coat lacquer, and a buffer are among the additional supplies you’ll require. A reputable home improvement retailer may be able to rent you some of these items.

If the cost is much cheaper than hiring a professional painter, the second thing to think about is whether saving time or money is more important to you. If you value your time and have a busy schedule, you should only employ a professional painter (and energy).

But if you want to do it yourself to save money or simply for fun, we’ll provide you a tutorial on what to do.

The Ideal Locations For Vehicle Painting

Where you decide to paint your car will be one of the most crucial decisions you make throughout this project. Keep the paint job on your car inside. This is due to the potential of insects getting into your paint or a single gust of wind damaging your freshly painted surface by blowing dirt and pet dander all over it.

You should paint your car in the best garage with the best ventilation. You should hang up plastic to prevent these dangerous fumes from entering your home because they are dangerous. Nobody should inhale these, please.

When Should Your Car Be Painted?

Nearly equally significant to where you paint your car is when you paint it. Temperature is important. Only between 65 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit are suitable for painting. This severely restricts when you can paint in some regions.

For those of you with heated garages, this is the temperature outside, nor inside. Keep in mind that with the garage door slightly open, it will be adequately ventilated. Because fewer insects are out early in the morning, it is the best time to start. If the mornings are too chilly, begin in the early afternoon or whenever the temperature is appropriate.

Just Before You Apply Another Color To Your Car

You must perform a two-step wipe down procedure just before painting your car. Take a wax and grease remover first. Apply on a soft, lint-free cloth and use to clean the vehicle. Next, clean it with a tack cloth. For painting, it is now prepared.

Advice For Vehicles With A Different Color

For a month, refrain from using a car wash or hand washing your vehicle. This is due to the fact that washing it before a month can damage the paint and perhaps remove it.

Take a break from your car. For the first month, only use it when absolutely required. Once more, this is a result of the paint’s incomplete curing.

Avert your eyes from trees at all costs. Trees are the bane of your car. If you park underneath them, sap and other debris may fall on them and damage your paint work.

After you finish painting the automobile, take some time to admire your accomplishment like a proud father before you leave the garage. Only at this point can you add paint to cover up mistakes, such as a missing location.

Follow all safety advice; automotive paint can be harmful. Do not believe that you do not require a ventilator. Since the paint is intended to remain on the car for many years, it would also last for many years in your lungs.

Safe Car Painting

Primer and paints are only two examples of the many substances that might be harmful. You should read the instructions that come with the paint and primer before you start painting. Using paint, priming, and a paint sprayer requires being cautious. It’s simple to breathe in paint and get it in your lungs or eyes. It is crucial that you take all required safety precautions.

It’s crucial to have ventilation. Keep the garage door slightly ajar. Open the garage window if there is one a little bit as well. Wear a ventilator made specifically for painting, which is quite vital. This is because the paint used in the sprayer will contain tiny particles. Therefore you need to make sure your ventilation is built to keep out all foreign objects.

Put on safety gear. You will require a head covering when painting, such as a hat or hood. To protect your hands, you will also require gloves, which are available for painting. The best item to protect your clothing, arms, and legs is a one-piece coverall. If you don’t have one, you can cover your arms and legs with old clothing, but make sure it covers both of them. Shoes are shielded from paint with shoe coverings, which are constructed of paper or plastic.

Goggles are also required because airborne particles are too small to protect your face and eyes. Examine your surroundings for any open flames. The pilot lights are a component of this. If you detect any combustible materials in the garage, remove them. A spark should not be used to start a chemical reaction between the two.

What Are The Tools Required To Change The Color Of A Car?

Make sure you can afford to buy all of the essential supplies before opting to paint your car a different colour. Check with Home Depot; they used to lend tools out. Check to see whether renting one for a few days or buying one is a better deal.

You will need an air compressor, a sander, a brush, and a dust pan. Throughout the procedure, the air compressor is utilized to spray paint and prime the car. The sander and sandpaper are used to remove the car’s old paint. The broom and dustpan are used to sweep up the mess so that it does not end up on the car after it has been painted.

What Do I Need To Change The Color Of My Car?

While there aren’t many tools required, there are a few items. Another category will be assigned to safety equipment. To begin, you will want sandpaper and sandpaper pads for the sander. Primer is required to prepare the car for painting, as is paint to change the colour of the car. A wax and grease remover is required so that the car can be thoroughly cleaned after sanding. Soft, lint-free towels are required for the final wipe down.

What Protective Gear Is Needed For Color Change?

We need to be extremely careful when handling these substances because they could be hazardous. A hat is first needed to protect the head. Thus, eye protection and irritation prevention require the use of goggles.

In addition to preventing you from breathing paint, primer, and solvent particles, a respirator will keep your lungs healthy. Your skin and body will be shielded from paint, primer, and solvent pollution if you wear mechanic overalls. Your shoes are better shielded from harm by shoe covers.

Wrapping Your Car Rather Than Painting It

The procedure of changing the colour of your car’s paint is expensive and time-consuming. But another choice is to vinyl-wrap your vehicle. To give your automobile a two-tone and modern look, you can choose to wrap only a few of its panels, or you can decide to cover the entire thing with stickers.

The price of a great wrap job should be between $500 and $1,000, but obviously that depends on the wrap’s quality and the size of your car. If you decide to use more expensive vinyl and a complex design, the price will increase.

The advantage of course is that it’s not permanent, and wrapping your automobile costs approximately the same as a basic paint job. You can take off the wrap or apply a new one if you get tired of the new shade or wish to return your car to its original hue.

Of course, we advise repainting your car if your original paint is already fading. In addition, before repainting or wrapping your car, you should fix any dents and rust on the bodywork.

Do You Need To Notify The DMV If You Paint Your Car A Different Color?

Yes and no. We couldn’t find any literature that explicitly said that you must inform the DMV. However other states may have different rules and legislation. If you’re wrapping your car, you probably don’t need to do this as the wrap is only temporary.

However, we advise looking at your car’s registration if you repaint it. It’s a good idea to let the DMV know if it has any knowledge of the colour of your car. Even though the DMV will consider your vehicle to be the same if it has the same VIN, it doesn’t hurt to let them know. Additionally, you should inform your insurance provider. This can help you stay out of trouble legally and when filing an insurance claim.


What is the price of painting a car a different colour? This depends on a few factors, as was already stated. Enjoy the colour, the work’s quality, and the car’s size. Depending on your preferences, a professional paint job could cost as little as $500 or as much as $10,000.

You can repaint your car yourself to save some money, but it will take some time. Additionally, follow all safety instructions because you’ll be working with hazardous chemicals and you’ll want to avoid having to pay any high medical costs. We suggest wrapping your automobile instead if the cost seems a bit exorbitant because it is temporary and frequently less expensive.

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