The jeep wrangler is a 4 wheel vehicle specially designed for rough and hard roads. It is considered to be the most powerful vehicle that can make your journey adventurous to the next level. This is best for those who love off-road driving. Being an owner of the jeep wrangler you should also maintain it exteriorly as well as its interior. As we have all heard about the famous proverb first impression is the last impression. So the first thing that people notice about your vehicle is its overall look. And you can only maintain the overall look by giving a smooth finish of paint to your jeep wrangler. 

Now you must be thinking that how much it costs to paint your jeep wrangler. Obviously whenever you think to spend money on something the first thing that comes to your mind is your budget. Without knowing the overall expenses of painting your jeep wrangler you can’t make the right decision. The overall cost of getting your jeep painted depends completely on you. It depends on whether you are doing it by yourself or hiring a professional and what kind of paint you are using. The estimated cost can be $150-$200 if you do it by yourself and it will be around $300 by hiring a professional. But again this is a rough estimate. 

So it’s important to get complete knowledge about different painting procedures and their costs. We will provide you with complete guidance about the cost of painting your jeep wrangler.



The average cost of getting your jeep painted by yourself depends on you that how much you are spending on the products used in this project. You can paint your jeep wrangler at a very affordable cost like $100-$150 and your cost can exceed up to $1000 depending upon the paint you are going to choose. Other than paint you would also need other products to do sanding and to do finishing coat. Besides this, you would need paintbrushes, a san, der, and a clean rag. So this would also be counted in the overall cost of painting.


By hiring a professional you can save yourself from the hassle and a lot of tension. As you don’t have to buy paints and other necessary items required for painting. However, this would cost you more comparatively. If you do it by yourself, you would probably save a lot of money but you might not get the desired results or you would also have to do a lot of elbow grease. 

The average cost of hiring a professional to paint your jeep wrangler would be around $1000. Moreover, some professionals charge hourly i.e. $50 per hour. To hire a professional you should first do little research to know about the average cost and affordable deals.


You can follow a procedure to get an estimate of the cost of painting your job wrangler. A few things should be kept in mind before estimating the overall cost of painting your jeep wrangler. The first and foremost thing that should not be ignored while estimating the cost of painting your jeep wrangler is deciding whether you are doing it by yourself or hiring a professional. 

If you are doing it by yourself, after doing complete research about the best paints, you would have to check the prices of different paints available in the market. After that, you should know how much paint you would be needed for your entire project. If you purchase good paint, you will get a long-lasting and smooth finish with a few coats of paint. However cheap paints will save you money but you will need more paint comparatively and will not be sure about getting desired results. Once an investment can be worth it for you in a long run. For choosing a paint brand you can also test it by applying a few coats. 

To decide how much paint would be needed for your jeep wrangler you would have to measure the exact square area of your car. In this way, you can get an idea that how much paint would be exactly needed. And for this, you must not estimate it rather you should have exact measurements to purchase the right amount of paint. 

And if you choose the second option of hiring a professional, you must still have to research rates of getting your jeep wrangler painted by a professional or some company. For this first, you must know the names of different shops and companies specialized for this purpose. Once you get to know about the shops, the next step is to get their addresses, emails, or contact numbers to get in touch with them. And then you can easily do entire research about rates of different companies and professionals and can decide according to your budget.  

The rough estimate can be between $500 to $3000 depending upon the quality of work. You must not compromise on the quality of paint. You should always prefer good quality paint rather than cheap one as it will affect the overall appearance of your jeep wrangler. And by keeping the cost of your jeep wrangler in your mind you must invest according to its standard. Besides this always prefer to hire a professional to get your jeep wrangler painted. 

Most jeep wranglers have an overall area of 100 square feet. So if you would paint the whole jeep wrangler then it will cost you around 1 quart of paints for two coats for every stage of painting. So all you need is to get 6 quarts of paint for the whole project. 

In addition, you would also have to purchase a gallon of base coat, primer, and a clear coat to get your job done perfectly. For this two quarts of each will be required for the whole painting job which will cost you approximately $170-$190. So, with this calculation, you are spending almost $1.80 per square foot if your jeep wrangler is 100 square feet. 

Similarly, by hiring a professional if your overall cost goes around $200 for a vehicle having an area of 100 square feet then it means you are spending $20 per square foot which is 20 times more than if you do it by yourself.


The overall cost of painting a jeep wrangler depends upon the type of paint and the supplies you are going to purchase. There are a lot of other things that you would have to buy to paint your jeep wranglers like masking tape, sandpaper, and body filler. Besides this, you can also get a complete paint kit instead of purchasing everything separately. To give a long-lasting and smooth finish to your vehicle you would also need to purchase lacquer. In addition, plasti dip is also recommended if you don’t want long-lasting results. It can easily be removed by rubbing alcohol and is effective only if you want quick and temporary results. Paint spray is another if you just want to paint the bumper. So these suggestions will help you to select the best product suitable for the condition of your jeep wrangler according to your budget. 

So if we talk about paint then you would need six quarts of paint which is almost 1 1/2 gallons of paint which will cost you around $30-$40 a quart. And for six quarts of paint, you would need to spend $180-$240 excluding the cost of other supplies. 

The estimated labor to paint your jeep wrangler will be 10-40 hours whether it is done by yourself or by any professional. If you hire a professional you would probably get more professional results and you will be charged for about 10-30 hours. However, this would give you smooth and perfect results as compared to if you do it by yourself. And it will also last for a longer time.


We have provided you with the whole guide so that you can easily estimate the cost of painting your jeep wrangler and can decide according to your budget. It all depends on you whether you are doing it by yourself or hiring a professional. The cost and results in both cases will be different. So we can only recommend you the best methods. The decision will be yours.

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