If you want to sell your car and your car rim looks fresh it would have a great impact on the buyer. He would feel that the car is overall in a good condition. There are two main ways to enhance your car rim. One is painting the surface area and the other is purchasing  new ones. However, most alloy wheels can’t be replaced easily and can be very expensive. So the best option to transform your car rim can be achieved through painting it. 

Painting will make the rim newer and will enhance the overall standard of your car. There are a lot of painting options available in the market to get your required finish according to your interest. However, it is a bit confusing to estimate the average cost of painting a rim when you have a lot of options. For this, you need to go through the guide I have compiled in which I have covered the ocean about painting the rim and the overall cost which will be very helpful for you to find the best option according to your budget. 



Three main factors should not be ignored while keeping the maintenance of the rim in your mind. One of them is brake dust. Your car rim can get the coating of dust because of brakes which can make it dirty and dull. The other factor is off-road driving, which makes them dirty and scratchy. The third factor that affects the rim of your car is curb rubbing. 



You will need some important things beforehand like a primer coat, base coat, and clear coat. You may also need plasti dip and rhino liner spray.  The overall cost of these products is dependent on the type and the quality. It also depends on the number of spray cans. A smaller number of Cans will cost you less. 


When you will paint your car rim by yourself instead of hiring a professional it will save your maximum cost. Your average cost can be between $30 to $100 still depending on the quality and quantity of your products. And if we talk about the labor or the time you need to complete the whole task, it would be around 3 to 4 hours. 


If you hire a professional to get your whole alloy wheel and PAINT A CAR DOOR that you would need around $100 to $200. You should consult multiple professionals first before hiring the final one to get the best price according to your budget. However, a professional company will  charge you in the range of $130 or more. Besides this you can also get the repairing and maintenance of your car and car rim free of cost or in a lesser amount from the shops where you bought your car. As most dealers offer the maintenance included in warranty or insurance.


Painting rims per square feet is considered to be the best and cheapest method as it gives you the result that lasts longer. 

If you are painting by yourself then the average cost would be.

  •  16″ tires=1.3963 square feet per rim
  • 4 tires = 5.5853 square feet
  • 4 cans of rhino liner spray cans cost you $24 each will be $96 for four cans
  • $96 / 5.5852 square feet=$17.18 per square foot. 

If you hire a professional for the same purpose your average cost would be.

  • each wheel costs $140 
  • 4 wheels costs $560
  • $560=$100.26 per square feet

So painting by yourself can save a lot of your money rather than hiring a professional. 


There is a variety of paints available in the market and the cost of each may vary from another depending upon the type and quality of paint. Let’s have a little glance at different paints.

1.Plasti Dip

The average cost of plasti dip can be around $22 for each. To complete the whole project you would need 4 cans of it. So the total cost of 4 cans will be $188. This is the average cost however it still may vary from brand to brand and from quality to quality. 

1.Plasti Dip

2. Spray Paints

There are spray paints in the market that are specially for car rims like high-gloss Dupli-color wheel paint. This spray paint can make your wheels shiny. The cost of this spray paint is $15 per can and to complete the whole project you would need 4 cans costing $60. 

2. Spray Paints

3. Truck Bed Liner

The two cans of truck bed liner will cost around $30 and will paint 35 square feet. It is the best and cheapest paint than plasti dip which also adds a stronger and textured finish to the wheels.

3. Truck Bed Liner

4. Powder Coat

If you want to give a high quality  finish to your wheels you should prefer a powder coat. It is quite complicated to use as compared to spray cans because of its electrostatic application as it is difficult to get a grip with this paint. But it is the best paint when you find difficulty removing dust from rims. Powder coat will easily clear all the dirt because of its strong bonding with the wheels. 

It is not very expensive, the average over the age cost of each gallon is around $20 and for its application,  you would need a powder coat paint gun that costs you around $100. 

If you are doing this by yourself you would need around $150 to $250. 

4. Powder Coat


The first and foremost tip to save your money while getting your rims painted is to do it by yourself. It will take a few hours but will not be heavy on your pocket. There are a lot of guiding materials on the internet which can guide you properly to paint your rim easily like a professional. All you have to do is buy the essentials and you can easily complete your project perfectly. The number of coats of SPRAY PAINT on the rim depends upon the type and color of the paint. And you can easily decide whether your wheel needs another coat or not once it is dried. 

How To Paint A Rim

  1. The first step is to wash the tires to get rid of all the dirt and dust. This can be done through power washing. 
  2. Sand off the debris if needed or brush it off to remove the residual. Different types of brushes are needed for different types of tires. 
  3. For the Alloy wheel, a plastic bristles brush is the best, however for chromium wheels nothing is better than a spinning wire brush attached to a drill. 
  4. Cover the tire with plastic tape or paper to avoid excessive painting. 
  5. First, fill the cracks by applying the paint. Then apply the first coat of paint. And apply the second coat if it is needed. 


The car rim is the most noticeable part of your vehicle. It should not be ignored while maintaining the exterior or interior of your car. It’s not very difficult to paint your car rim. You can easily change the overall look of your car by just painting the trim. It will add a new style and class to your car. If you have a budget you can go for a professional to get your job done. but If you want to save your money you should do it by yourself and with our guide, you can easily estimate the average cost of painting a rim.

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