Sherwin William is considered as one of the best paint brands in the market. If you are looking for its cost and want to know how many gallons you would need to complete your project then you  are at the right place. By reading our whole guide you would be able to  clear your all queries regarding cost, quality and quantity of Sherwin Williams Paint. We will also provide you information about other paint brands so that you can compare their cost with Sherwin Williams paint.


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Well there are three most renowned paint brands in the market that are known to be best in every aspect from coverage to durability. But the one  that is the most advanced and prominent among all is Sherwin Williams. Although the other two, Benjamin Moore and Behr, are also praiseworthy. If you want a high quality finish then nothing is better than Sherwin Williams. Sherwin William also has some affordable paint options available. 

  • Superior Quality: Sherwin Williams is known for producing high-quality paints that offer excellent coverage, durability, and long-lasting performance. Their extensive range of products ensures there’s a perfect paint for every surface and project.
  • Innovative Formulations: Sherwin Williams consistently stays at the forefront of paint technology, introducing innovative formulations that meet the evolving needs of customers. From eco-friendly options to cutting-edge coatings, they provide solutions for various preferences and requirements.


Different paints of this brand are suitable for different scenarios. For example if you prefer low cost paint and that is not even suitable for your project, it will be more costly in the long run as it wouldn’t give you the desired results and wouldn’t even be durable. 

However on the other hand if you purchase the expensive Paint For Cabinets, it would be heavy on your pocket but will give you the best results and will be more durable and will save you from painting the area after a short time. 


There are different interior paints available that may vary in prices and have different purposes. 

1. Sherwin Williams Emerald

Emerald is the most expensive interior paint among all due to its qualities. Price of each gallon is usually between $75 to $100. They are super durable and washable. They give fantastic finishes and amazing coverage and are moisture resistant. This paint  can be used anywhere like the basement, washrooms or other areas that are more prone to moisture. 

Sherwin Williams Emerald

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2. Sherwin Williams Duration

This range by Sherwin Williams  generally cost between $70-$75 and is known to be another fantastic paint. Moreover it is stain resistant and can cover the existing stains on the walls very easily. Additionally it is also durable and washable like Emerald. 

Sherwin Williams Duration

3. Sherwin Williams Cashmere

Cashmere is also one of the best paint options in terms of acrylic latex paints that offers even easy application with a roller or a brush. It gives smooth and silky coverage. Because of its easy application with gorgeous finish it is ideal for beginners having less painting experience.  In addition this paint  is not even heavy on your pocket and generally costs between $60 to $70.  Cashmere can also hide the stains but is not professional like Duration paint. Thus it is only suitable for minor stains.

4. Sherwin Williams Super-Paint Line

Super paint line is best suitable if you want to change the color of your wall as it has a high hide finish. It usually costs between $60 to $65. This is the best option with a flat, satin, velvet or semi-gloss finish and can cover the previous paint easily. 

5. Sherwin Williams Captivate

The final option by Sherwin Williams is Captivate acrylic latex paint. This is the cheapest of all with a cost of just $35-$45 per gallon. This is ideal for DIY projects with high quality finish. This paint has dual properties of paint as well as primer with easy application. There are 1700 different color options and 3 different sheens. Moreover it has even low VOC. 


There are a variety of exterior paints by Sherwin Williams that are best for their extra durability and weather proofing. 

1. Sherwin Williams Emerald

Emeralds have fantastic durability and are best for any weather. Each gallon of this paint cost between $105 and $112. Although it is costly, it  won’t disappoint you in terms of its finish. Emerald will give you a high quality finish with long lasting results. They are washable which means you can easily wash away the dirt from this paint without affecting the paint. Beside this it has the quality of UV protection. This is the best paint specially formulated if you want a high quality finish. 

1. Sherwin Williams Emerald

2. Sherwin Williams Flextemp

As its name suggests it is highly flexible in extreme temperatures. It is an ideal paint that maintains the strength and quality of paint even in temperatures ranging from 35° F to 120° F. Flextemp costs between $70 to $ 75. 

2. Sherwin Williams Flextemp

Images By Sherwin Williams

3. Sherwin Williams Super Paint

Super paint is suitable for frosty weather as well as hot and humid weather conditions, which means it is also ideal in extreme temperatures.  It is dust and moisture resistant and will also prevent fading and peeling. The cost is between $60 to $65. Also it is more affordable than Flextemp exterior acrylic latex paints.

4. Sherwin Williams A-100 Exterior Latex Paint

This is the most affordable exterior acrylic latex paint from this brand. Although it is the cheapest one, it still offers 15 years of warranty ensuring the best durability for exterior areas. All it takes is  $40-$50 from your pocket which is quite reasonable. 


As you are aware of paint prices of different paint types and now you are wondering how you can save money on Sherwin Williams paint without compromising on the quality of paint.

There are two ways that may help you in saving money while using even the best quality paint. One is through online shopping and the other is through minimizing the coats of paint. 

1. Online Shopping

If you will purchase the paint online rather than physically from any shop, this will eventually be more reasonable. As when you purchase online from Sherwin Williams you can use different sites to get discounts, offers, promotions and sales which will obviously cost less than shop. Besides this you should also wait for special occasions to avail the sales like black Friday, pre and post Christmas sales etc.. For this you need to keep an eye on different websites and shops to get the best sales offer. In this way you can easily save as much money as you want.

However you can also get the best deals from hardware shops as well. Because they usually keep the damaged cans in store rooms and sell them at low prices. So, you can easily grab those opportunities also and can save a lot of money. These cans are damaged from outside but it doesn’t affect the quality of paint. 

2. Minimizing The Coats

You can also save a few bucks by minimizing the amount of paint used. It is obvious that if you will use less paint it will cost less. Now it doesn’t mean that you will have to compromise on the coverage. You have to minimize the coats of paint but meanwhile you have to ensure the good coverage of paint as well. For this you need to keep in mind a few tips.

First tip is to use a primer first before painting the wall. Although mostly paints of Sherwin Williams are self priming paints but still to minimize the coats you need to prime the wall first. This is best suitable for porous surfaces. 

Another tip is to take enough time while applying or REMOVE PAINTS FROM WOODEN WALLS. Apply it with precision. And use best quality paint rollers or brushes to minimize the amount of paint


Average cost of painting a room may vary according to the size of the room and it also depends on the room whether it is a bedroom or a living room. The main factor that determines the gallons of paint is the area of the room. 

The area of the bedroom in the US is around 144 square feet. So, for this you need only one gallon of Sherwin Williams Interior paint with all paint supplies. This will cost you $115 to $180. 

However, if we talk about the area of the living room, which is around 616 square feet. You will need two gallons of paint with additional paint supplies which will cost $150 to $280. 



Benjamin Moore is the direct competitor of Sherwin Williams. These both are expensive brands but in order to get the long term results cost doesn’t even matter. These two are although expensive but will save you from repeated touchups in the future. You shouldn’t compromise quality over budget. 

Prices of High-End Interior Paints

  • Sherwin Williams Duration Home Interior Paint- $70 per gallon
  • Benjamin Moore Regal select Interior paint- $60 per gallon
  • Sherwin Williams Emerald Interior paint- $94 per gallon
  • Benjamin Moore Aura Interior Paint- $80 per gallon

Prices of High-End Exterior Paints

  • Sherwin Williams A-100 Exterior Acrylic Latex paint- $50 per gallon
  • Benjamin Moore Ben Waterborne Exterior Paint- $48 per gallon
  • Sherwin Williams Superpaint Exterior- $70 per gallon
  • Benjamin Moore Regal Select Exterior paint- $64 per gallon

As you see the above prices of different paints of both brands you can conclude easily that Sherwin Williams is more expensive with a little difference in cost. Benjamin Moore is also considered a best paint brand in terms of quality but Sherwin Williams is still considered at the top of the list among best paint brands.  So, if you want a quality finish then nothing is better than Sherwin Williams with amazing quality. 


There are some key factors that actually affect the overall paint price. So whenever you are on a paint hunt choose your paint wisely while considering these factors. All these factors collectively contribute to paint price.

1. Paint Finish

There are a variety of paint options from different brands in the market that may vary in cost depending upon the overall finish of paint. Paint finish is the major factor that affects the paint price. Paint with high quality finish will be more costly that average or low quality finish. For example if we talk about Sherwin Williams, their paint finish known as “Sheens” offers the following qualities.

  • Satin Sheen
  • Semi-gloss Sheen
  • Flat Sheen
  • Gloss Sheen
  • EggShell Sheen
  • High gloss Sheen
  • Matte Sheen
  • Low Lustre Sheen
  • Medium Lustre Sheen
  • Pearl Sheen
  • Ultra Matte Sheen
  • Velvet Sheen

By reading the above list you can conclude that this paint brand has a number of options available depending upon its finish. Majority of them are having the same prices. However Some of them are a little bit more costly than others.  Paint with low cost will obviously be different in terms of its finish. 

1. Paint Finish

2. Low VOC

Paints having low-VOC or Zero-VoC will have minimum paint fumes. So such paints will be more pricey than others having high-VOC. So this factor also affects the price of paint. 

2. Low VOC

3. Moisture Resistant

This is another factor that is involved in affecting the price of paint. For instance the paint will have high prices that are moisture resistant and can be used for an area having high moisture level.

3. Moisture Resistant

4. Weather Proof

The paints that work better on exterior areas are usually weatherproof having more durability that those that are suitable for only interior areas. So these paints will be more costly in price. 

5. Self-Priming Paints

There are also paints in the market that you wouldn’t need primer separately. They are multipurpose paints having dual characteristics of paint and primer. It will save your money as you don’t need to buy primer separately but will cost more per gallon. 


Sherwin Williams is considered one of the best brands for any interior or exterior painting. Although it is more expensive than many other brands, it doesn’t compromise its quality. It wouldn’t disappoint you in terms of coverage and its finish. This is high coverage paint with a lot of other features like moisture resistance, self priming, low VOC e.t.c. 

Moreover Sherwin Williams is  ideal if you are a beginner and if you don’t want to hire a professional for your DIY project because of its easy application. So overall It is worth buying Sherwin Williams because of its high quality finish, long lasting durability and high resistance. It won’t disappoint you in any way.  

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