A paint sprayer is one of the easiest and most convenient options for painting. You can save a lot of time by using a paint sprayer rather than a brush or roller. But the important thing here is to maintain the functionality and lifespan of your spray gun by keeping it clean after every project. Your little negligence regarding its cleanliness can affect the working of your spray gun. So if you want your paint sprayer to keep working for a longer time then you should clean it after each use. 

Cleaning a paint sprayer is a very crucial step for its proper working. If you procrastinate in cleaning just after using it  then it will affect the mechanism of your spray gun. The residue of paint will stick inside the parts of the paint sprayer making it less efficient for the next time. So the question may arise in your mind: how can we clean the paint sprayer? And the answer is very simple. It is not a complicated task. Our guide will make this process even easier for you so that you will not leave your paint sprayer without cleaning it after your next project. 


Prerequisites For Cleaning A Paint Sprayer

Before you jump into the procedure of cleaning the paint sprayer, you should consider a few important things in your mind. The first and foremost thing to remember before starting cleaning the paint sprayer is to take all precautionary measures properly. Sometimes while cleaning the paint sprayer the harmful chemicals from the paint can affect your clothes or skin. So it is necessary to keep yourself safe from any mishap because some SPRAY PAINT FROM A DRIVEAWAY can be extremely toxic.

  • Always wear protective gear to keep your clothes safe. 
  • Besides this, wearing goggles will also save your eyes from the harmful fumes of paint. Because working with SPRAY PAINTS FROM WHEELS can irritate your skin.
  • Also you should also wear a mask and gloves to provide full protection to your lungs and hands.

Once you have taken all precautionary measures the next step is to remain cautious while cleaning your paint sprayer because your little negligence can ruin your paint sprayer. So you must have complete knowledge of your paint sprayer and its parts. 

Last but not least you should always keep your manual beforehand. Because in case of any trouble the manual will help you to fix the issue instantly. Furthermore, mostly manual guides give complete knowledge about disassembling the parts of a paint sprayer and the cleaning process.

Things To Gather

There is a list of things that you may need during the cleaning process. So you must gather each item before starting the project to avoid any kind of haphazardness. 

  • Gloves
  • Goggles
  • Mask
  • Protective gear
  • Water
  • Mineral spirits
  • Soft bristle brush
  • Paint bucket
  • Rag
  • Waste pail

Process Of Cleaning Paint Sprayer

Five steps are involved in cleaning the paint sprayer. To get the best results you should read and follow each step properly.  

  1. Releasing air pressure
  2. Flush coating
  3. Pump cleaning 
  4. Cleaning of hose and gun
  5. Filter and tip cleaning

1. Releasing Air Pressure

The pressure relief procedure is the first step in cleaning the paint sprayer. To avoid accidental spraying, engage the gun trigger lock and turn the switch off. Change the settings of the pressure control to the lowest. 

Now after reversing the spray tip and disengaging the gun trigger lock, the next step is to release the pressure into the waste pail by pulling the trigger. Make sure to bring the waste pail closer to the gun while releasing the pressure. Engage the gun trigger lock again and turn the prime valve to drain position.  

1. Releasing Air Pressure

2. Flush Coating

This is the step where you have to flush all the leftover paint before starting cleaning parts of the gun separately. Start by removing the spray tip and tip guard from the gun. Then place the fluid intake into the flushing fluid after removing it from the paint bucket. Use Water for water-based paint and mineral spirits for oil-based paints. 

Now place the drain tube inside the waste pail after removing it from the paint bucket. Turn on the prime valve to spray the excess paint out of the gun. Pull the trigger and turn on the switch while pointing the gun into the paint bucket. Start increasing the pressure. Turn off the switch and release the trigger once the flow of paint ends and flushing fluid starts appearing.  

2. Flush Coating

3. Pump Cleaning

Now it’s time to clean the pump. For this pull the trigger and turn on the switch by pointing the gun into the waste pail. Keep doing it until the flushing fluid becomes clear. Release the trigger and turn off the switch. 

Now set the prime valve to prime position and switch on the gun again. Let the flushing fluid circulate through the pump until the fluid coming out of 

the drain’s tube becomes clear. Once the drain tube is clear then pull the fluid intake from the flushing fluid and switch off the gun. 

3. Pump Cleaning

4. Cleaning Of Hose And Gun

Once the pump has been cleaned then start cleaning the hose and gun. For this change the setting of the prime valve to spray position and switch on the gun. Point the gun into the waste pail and pull the trigger. Switch off the gun and release the trigger and engage the gun trigger lock. Change the pressure control to the lowest. Put the filters into the flushing fluid after removing them from the gun. 

4. Cleaning Of Hose And Gun

5. Filter And Tip Cleaning

Start cleaning the filters, tip, and tip guard with flushing fluid and a soft bristle brush. Gently scrub these parts with the help of a brush without damaging them and remove the leftover paint, especially from the areas that are harder to reach. 

If you have used water as a flushing fluid then flush it out again with mineral spirit. This will protect your gun from rusting and provide a protective layer against corrosion. Wipe the exterior parts including the hose with a rag soaked in water or mineral spirits. Reassemble the parts back once they are dried. 


These easy five steps will help you in cleaning your paint sprayer. With consistent cleaning after each use, you can easily maintain the durability and functionality of your spray gun. However, by following our simplest guide you can easily clean your paint sprayer to make it ready for the next time. Moreover, it’s also important to protect yourself from any harmful chemicals. For this never forget to take precautionary measures before starting this process. 

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