It’s very easy to clean the fresh paint stains from the concrete floor, however, removing the dried stains is much more frustrating to get rid of.  Garage floors and drive away are usually the most used areas of a home. It’s very common to spill paint on these areas while painting some other surface. Although it is a very time-consuming process and takes all your effort to remove the stubborn stains from concrete, it’s still not an impossible task. If you do it consistently and patiently you can easily get rid of these frustrating stains from your concrete floors. All you have to do is to follow our simplest guide religiously to get your job done perfectly. 



  • Paint stripper
  • Dustpan
  • Scrub brush
  • Paint scraper or knife
  • Industrial sodium Bicarbonate
  • Bucket
  • Protective Gear


There are different methods to remove paint from concrete. You can get rid of these frustrating stains by using a paint stripper, Blastic Unit, Soap solution, Trisodium Phosphate, pressure washer, Soda blasters, and many other chemical and non-chemical methods. you can choose the method that suits you best according to your stains.


Things that you may need for this method are soap solution, brush, paint stripper, paint scraper, garden hose, mask, gloves, water, and paint scraper. 

  1. The first and foremost step is to clean the concrete surface thoroughly. This is the essential step as it removes all the dirt, debris and clears the surface for applying any solution. Sweep away all the dirt and clean the surface with soap solution by scrubbing with a brush. Rinse thoroughly by using a garden hose and let the surface dry completely. 
  2. Before using a paint stripper you must choose it wisely according to paint stains whether it’s oil-based paint or water-based paint. Use precautionary measures like using protective gear to protect your skin from any harmful chemicals while using a paint stripper. Apply it on stains thoroughly. 
  3. Leave it for a few hours so that it gets completely absorbed in the affected area. Let it sit completely until you see bubbles on the stains which separate them from the concrete.
  4. Now by using a brush and paint scraper scrub the loosened paint.
  5. Rinse the area with a garden hose properly to remove all the paint debris. Pressure of the garden hose will help in removing the stains easily. Clean the affected area properly to make sure that there is no hazardous chemical left behind.
  6. Let the area dry completely. Repeat the whole process if you see any paint stains left behind.


Things that should be in your hand before using this method are the clay, paint stripper, paint scraper, brush, and water. 

  1. This method is applicable when you need to remove the stains from a larger area. For this, you would need to make your absorbent paint stripper by mixing equal parts of finely grounded clay and paint stripper to get a thick coat.
  2. The next step is to apply a thick layer of this mixture directly to the affected area and let it get absorbed in the stains for a few hours. Now scrape the surface by using a paint scraper and scrub brush after removing the paste.
  3. Clean the surface with water and let it dry completely. 
  4. Repeat the whole process if there is any stain left behind.


All the essentials for this method are pot blaster, gloves, mask, Sodium Bicarbonate, and garden hose. 

  1. Another way to remove paint stains from larger areas is by using a Pot blaster.  This method is environmentally friendly as compared to paint strippers.
  2. Before using a blasting unit, first protect yourself from chemicals by wearing a mask and gloves. Now fill the reservoir with sodium Bicarbonate. Set the machine properly by using instructions. Before turning on the machine, close all the valves properly.
  3. Blast the affected area directly with it so that paint stains get the gusts of soda.
  4. Clean the area by using a garden hose to remove all the debris of sodium carbonate and paint. 


  1. Apply trisodium phosphate on paint stains. wait for a few minutes until it gets absorbed completely. 
  2. Scrape the loosened surface with the help of a scrub brush.
  3. Clean the surface with water to remove all the residual trisodium phosphate.


Using chemicals is indeed a very challenging thing to do especially when you have animals and children at your home. Either you need to be very careful while using chemical products or you should use methods to remove paints from concrete without chemicals. 


If you want to avoid chemical solvents, a power washer is indeed the best option. You only have to clean the surface with pressurized water or a cleaning solution with the help of a power washer or a pressure washer. 

Besides this, you can also use some non-toxic paint strippers like soya Gel which is a non-odor and non-toxic biodegradable paint stripper. It is a plant-derived substance that can easily be used to remove SPRAY PAINT from concrete surfaces.

Another way to remove paint from concrete is by using a soap solution and brush. All you need to do is to scrub the affected area with a brush having soap solution. and clean the surface with water. 



Latex paint is water-based paint and is very easy to remove from concrete surfaces as compared to oil-based paint. For wet stains, only a paper towel is enough to clean the best Paints as much as possible.

 However, for dry stains, you need to follow the steps properly.

  1. The first step is to clean the surface with the help of a broom to get rid of all the dry debris. Now by using a brush or scraper scrape the affected area well to get rid of maximum paint stains.
  2. Apply a thick layer of ammonia which is readily available in household items. Let it sit for an hour. Bubbles will start popping on the affected area which means ammonia has loosened the paint. Scrape the loosened paint by using a scraping brush. Apply the solution again if you see any paint stains left behind. Rinse the area with water once you get rid of all the stains.
  3. Paint strippers for latex paint can also be used for stronger paint stains.
  4. Alcohol is another best option to remove latex paint from concrete. Apply alcohol directly to the affected area. Let it sit for a few hours. Scrape away the loosened paint with the help of a scraper. 


Removing wet stains of acrylic paint is much easier rather than removing dry stains. Cleanse the wet stains of acrylic paint by using soap and water solution. Scrub the area with the help of a brush to get rid of all the stains.

For dry stains, you would need acrylic paint remover. Acrylic paints are water-based that is why it’s very easy to remove them. However, if you want to remove it from a porous surface you would still need some efforts to get it out of the porous surface. 


Epoxy is usually used in garage floors and it’s very frustrating to remove it from concrete. Chemical solvents like Lacquer and acetone are used to remove epoxy paint from concrete. 

Besides this floor grinder is also a good option to consider while removing epoxy paint. you will require a lot of paint stripper or lacquer to get rid of epoxy paint because it has a very strong bonding with concrete. It is very difficult to remove it. 

Points To Ponder

  • If you can’t use chemical-based products you can use soy-based paint strippers as they are made from plants. Their nontoxic nature will also not affect your skin. It works best for removing stains for a larger area. However, for smaller areas, nothing is better than soap and water solutions.  
  • If you don’t want to do hard work  like hand scrubbing you can consider a pressure washer, soda blasters, and floor sanders to remove the paint stains from concrete surfaces without the hassle of excessive scrubbing. In this way, you can easily prevent yourself from tough physical labor. 


You can easily remove stubborn paint stains from concrete by following our instructions and guide. This can be a frustrating task but with some effort and patience, you can easily remove all the stains from the concrete surface. However, you need to be very careful while using chemical-based products to remove the stains of paint from concrete as they can be hazardous for your skin and health. Use proper precautionary measures while using chemicals. Choose the method that suits you best according to the type of stains. By following all the steps properly you can easily get rid of all the paint stains from your driveways, garages, and any other concrete floors. 

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