How To Remove Spray Paint From Bricks ?

Do you want to learn how to get spray paint off of brick? Have the kids in your neighborhood ruined your perfect brick wall? Perhaps you woke up to find graffiti on your brick wall, or you have a mural you’d want to repaint and want To Remove the spray paint to start over.

The good news is that spray-painted bricks can be permanently erased.

You’ve come to the right place since we’ve gathered a list of do-it-yourself tasks that can assist you in removing paint, as well as the equipment and supplies you’ll need.

How To Remove Spray Paint From Bricks ?

What You Should Know About Spray Paint Removal From Bricks?

The removal of spray paint from brickwork is notoriously difficult. Spray paint is meant to stick exceedingly effectively to whatever surface it is put to, especially if that surface has a lot of roughness. The rough surfaces of bricks provide numerous nooks and crannies for paint molecules to adhere to. This is fantastic if you want a long-lasting covering of colour on top of bricks, but it might be difficult to return them to their natural form. 

However, there are numerous times when you don’t want paint on your bricks and must remove it. Perhaps you are repainting or renovating your home and are attempting to erase graffiti, or you just made some mistakes while painting. However, you’ll need to remove the paint without destroying the bricks.

The method is significantly easier if you don’t mind scraping off a few layers of brick or leaving deep gouges in the surface. However, especially with ancient structures and masonry. You’ll want to avoid harming the underlying brick as much as possible. So you should take the following precautions to keep the brick secure and undamaged during the procedure.

What You Should Know About Spray Paint Removal From Bricks?

Materials To Remove Spray Paint From Bricks:

When attempting to remove spray paint from bricks, you’ll require a number of items.

You must first and foremost have a solvent product. There are many chemicals on the market that boast solvent properties, but you need to choose a paint remover that works well without doing much harm to bricks.

You’ll additionally require the following supplies after the dissolving step:

  • Power washer
  • Warm water
  • soap
  • Rags
  • Soft bristle brush

Method To Clean Bricks Of Spray Paint

The bulk of items still undergo this elimination procedure in a similar fashion. For the most part, though, you’ll need to apply a particular solution To Remove spray paint. The greatest products on the market are all available on Amazon, and the ones listed below.

Use GranX Graffiti Remover, Graffiti Safewipes, Watch Dog Wipe Out, Goof Off, or Citristrip Gel to remove graffiti.

Step 1: Make Use Of GranX Graffiti Remover.

GranX Graffiti Remover can guarantee that the spray paint can be removed without damaging the underlying masonry. Since it is designed to remove graffiti, there won’t be any harm to the surface. Just be sure to apply it in accordance with the directions on the container.

Always test a tiny area before using the graffiti remover to ensure that it won’t harm the masonry below. Spray the solution into the troublesome region once you’ve made sure it won’t damage anything and let it sit for around 30 seconds.

Don’t keep it on for too long since the chemicals will begin to penetrate the brick more deeply. With a rag or towel, remove the product. Here, a little more effort will go a long way. A sizable amount of paint need to be removed by the product.

Wipe away the remaining substance with soap, water, and a soft bristles brush. If additional paint has to be removed, use a pressure washer.

Iterate as necessary.

Step 1: Make Use Of GranX Graffiti Remover.

Step 2: Remove Graffiti With Graffiti SafeWipes.

Graffiti Safewipes are a great option because to their ease of use and consistent exposure duration. The majority of the other things are sprays of some kind that must be removed after a set amount of time in order to avoid harming the bricks beneath.

However, with the Safewipes, you simply wipe them over the afflicted area, and they will quickly absorb the majority of the paint.

As with any product, test it on a tiny area first to ensure that it will not harm the brick. After testing, just wash down the paint with the wipes to remove as much as possible. Use soap to remove any remaining paint from the surface. If you prefer to clean the brick, be sure to use a soft bristles brush.

Step 2: Remove Graffiti With Graffiti SafeWipes.

Step 3: Apply Watch Dog Wipe Out.

The Watch Dog Wipe Out half gallon bucket is ideal for removing big amounts of paint. Watch Dog is distinct from the others in that it comes in a bucket and is not a spray application. Instead, use a towel or cloth to rub this solution onto the wall and use it to dissolve the spray paint area. 

After testing, run a towel through the bucket to absorb up the substance.

Wipe the cloth across the painted brick surface. This method should remove some paint, but it will mostly spread and liquefy the applied paint. Wipe away the disintegrated paint with a different cloth. To remove the remaining paint from the wall, use soap and hot water or a pressure washer.

Repeat as necessary.

Step 4: Apply Goof Off

Goof Off is essentially an aerosol paint remover, so use it with caution. Because of its strength, Goof Off is likely one of the most effective agents for removing paint, glue, and other debris. It is, however, the most likely to cause harm to your brick or any other surface on which it is applied. 

First, test the goof off on a small area. It is critical to test it for both short and long exposures. If you keep this product on for more than 30 seconds, it may discolour the underlying surface or injure it.

Apply the product to the surface sparingly. Wipe it away with a towel as soon as possible. It should pick up the paint. Wipe up any surplus with a clean towel to prevent it from remaining on the surface for too long.

Step 4: Apply Goof Off

Step 5: Apply Citristrip Gel To The Affected Area.

The third option, Citristrip Gel, differs from the other two in that it is a gel rather than a spray or liquid. This gel is thicker and more effective in treating the afflicted region for longer periods of time with less leakage.

Even though it isn’t as powerful as some of the other choices on our list, it could be the best alternative for folks who discover that Goof Off or Watch Dog damages bricks. Because it is kinder and has less caustic chemicals than the others, this is a safer option. 

Put the Gel on a towel or other type of material. Apply a heavy layer of Gel to the painted area and let it set for a while to start removing the paint. Wipe the gel from the surface while simultaneously removing paint with a fresh towel. Use water to wash the surface. Remove any extra paint with a scrub and water rinsing as necessary.

Safety Precautions:

Safety is essential throughout this operation, for both you and the impacted surface. Before you proceed, be careful to test tiny portions to ensure that you won’t be damaging yourself or your wall.

Additionally, you should always remember to put on safety gear, such as gloves and goggles in case any of the aerosols get in your face. You should use products like Goof Off with extreme caution and take special care to never spray them towards the wind since they can be potent skin and eye irritants. 

Always use a towel or a brush with soft bristles while scrubbing since metal brushes can scratch and scrape the brickwork underneath.


Keep in mind that we aim to preserve the bricks as much as we can. If used correctly, these chemicals should have little to no negative effects on your surface, but be careful that none of the previous stages destroy the bricks.

This doesn’t have to be a challenging procedure in the end. These items will make it simple to remove paint from porous surfaces like brick. In little time at all, your wall will be restored to its former splendor.