Spray painting is one of the easiest ways to get the new look of anything by just spraying. It’s a practical tool for any DIY project. You can get a thick coat of color to any object in a very short time. However, removing it from walls is a laborious task because of its adhesive nature. It can be hard to get rid of it. Drywalls are very delicate to handle and can be damaged very easily. Getting rid of this frustrating paint from the walls is quite challenging but not impossible. Gear up and keep reading this article to find the best techniques for removing spray paint from walls.



Before removing spray paints from the walls, you should keep in mind a few things that may help you afterward. Firstly, spray paints are adhesive. It means they are too sticky to any surface, and removing them is a hassle. On the other hand, Drywalls and most of the interior surfaces are very delicate. So even a little carelessness can damage them very conveniently. So while removing spray paints from walls, you should be extra cautious as you just need To Remove Spray Paint without affecting the paint underneath. 

Most of the solvents that are used for removing spray paints are abrasive and harsh as they are designed to remove strong adhesives like spray paints. So there is a possibility that it can strip off the paint underneath too. So you need to find out the best solution to encounter it tactfully without affecting the wall beneath.


Things Needed To Remove Spray Paints 

If you want to remove stubborn spray paints from your wall, you must have all the necessary items. There are a few options that may vary from each other depending upon the level of spray paints you want to remove. For example, if there are few marks of spray paints on the wall, you can just use magic erasers. However, if your whole wall is covered with spray paint, then you will need a more robust product to remove it. This all depends on the condition of your wall. 

Here are the few things that are necessary To Remove Spray Paint

  • A paint remover
  • Sponge or magic eraser
  • WD-40
  • Paint scraper tool 
  • Putty
  • Any spare paint

Paint Remover

Paint remover is also known as paint stripper. It is a chemical product used to remove coatings, paints, and other forms of finishes. It works very efficiently in removing spray paints. 

Paint remover

Sponge Or Magic Eraser

Sponge or magic eraser is a kind of scraper used to scrub the affected area after applying paint remover. You can also use a toothbrush to scrape the area. As the bristles of a toothbrush are more gentle to handle the walls. 

Sponge or magic eraser


WD-40 is a very efficient solvent that helps in removing paint. However, the downside of using this solvent is that it damages the wall compared to other products.


Paint Scraper

A paint scraper is needed when the solvent is not removing the stains completely. In such cases, you will need a paint scraper to remove the layer of paint. 

Paint scraper

Wall Putty

Putty is a material used for filling and fixing purposes. While removing paint, if the wall gets damaged and holes are accidentally created in drywall, you can quickly fix them with the wall putty. It works as a filler or a sealant to repair the damage.

Wall Putty

Any spare paint

The last option you can use is to put any other paint over the spray paint to fix it easily. Only a few coats will help you hide the spray paint from the wall.

Any spare paint


You can remove the spray paints by following the five easy steps that are given below.

  1. Test your paint stripper/ paint remover
  2. Application of paint remover and scrubbing
  3. Scrape
  4. Fix the damages
  5. Re-paint the wall

With these simple steps, you can get rid of spray paint in a minimum of time.

 1. Test The Paint Stripper/Paint Remover 

Before using any product, it is crucial to test it before applying to the whole region to avoid any kind of hassle. Many solvents and paint removers can cause damage to the wall. The first thing you need to do is test it using the patch test method. Apply a little paint remover on the small area to check how it works before applying it to the affected area . For this, apply it to a small area for about 15-20 minutes. Check the area after 15 minutes. Suppose it doesn’t have an adverse effect on the site. In that case, you can use the chosen paint remover confidently and can proceed with removing spray paint from the wall.

 2. Application Of Paint Remover And Scrubbing 

Once you have tested the paint remover, the next step is to apply the paint remover or thinner on the wall. Start scrubbing the spray paint away from the wall and remove it. Magic erasers, paper towels, or sponges can help in scrubbing paint spray. Steel wool can also be used for this purpose. This process will require extra hard work and time to remove the paint spray away from the wall. So it requires little patience to do it.   

A little damage to the surface can be possible during this process, but it will be fixed later.

 3. Scrape 

Sometimes scrubbing does not help in removing the stains of paint spray. You still would need something strong to get rid of it. For this purpose, a paint scraper is a useful tool that will help you remove all of the paint sprays. It will help in eliminating the spray paints from the wall but it will cause possible damage to the wall. The damage will be fixed in the next stages. Take the paint scraper and start scraping off the layer of paint. It will also scrape away the paint underneath, resulting in the striping of the wall. With this technique, you can easily erase all the traces of paint spray. The damages will be recovered through little DIYs. 

 4. Fix The Damages 

After scraping the paint spray, the damages that are produced due to striping the wall would need to be fixed first. Repairing the wall is as important as removing the paint spray. Without renovating, it would look bad. For this, you need to use wall putty. It will fix all the damages by filling the holes and scrapes. All you have to do is apply the putty over the wall and spread it all over. Spread it smoothly to form a fine layer without showing any scrapes. It is not difficult to apply, but you have to apply it neatly to cover all the holes.

 5. Repaint The Wall 

The last and foremost step is to repaint the entire wall. It makes the wall look fresh, clean, and free of any traces of spray paints. If you paint the wall without following the first four steps, you would probably need to do more than one coat to hide the spray paint, which can still be shown. So after doing the whole procedure of the removal. You will paint in the last step. Although it seems a hectic job, it’s totally worth doing as you will only need to do one coat and your wall will look brand new. 

Some Important Tips :

If you want to try a home remedy instead of any chemical. You can preferably choose to use a mixture of baking soda and warm water. It will also help in removing the paint from the walls.  

Instead of removing spray paints and doing such hard work, you would be at great ease if you followed some preventive measures to avoid the spray paint at the start. 

Prevention is better than cure. So if you are doing any DIY and using spray paints, make sure to protect your walls from it by covering them with a sheet or a cloth. Also, avoid doing overspray, which will save you from tireless scraping and scrubbing. 


By following steps and the right products, you can easily encounter hectic task of removing paint spray issue. Paint remover and scraper are the essentials to remove the paint spray from the walls. However, putty and paint are the magic to help in the renovation of the wall. These two give the wall a new and fresh look. So don’t stress out too much about this. Just follow the five easy steps that are explained in detail and get rid of all your traces of paint spray from your wall.