If you wanted the darker look of your wheel and painted them to get the jet black look. But now you are tired with that look and want to remove the spray paint then you are at the right place. Are you regretting your previous decision as it is difficult To Remove Spray Paint ? Getting the spray paint on wheels whether accidentally or by your own choice, you need to remove it. It becomes more frustrating if you want to remove the bright color of spray paint as bright colors can’t even hide with another spray paint. So in this case you will need a proper method to remove the spray paint from your wheels. 

Removing spray paint from wheels is a toughest job because spray paint gets stuck very tightly with the tires because of its adhesive nature and paint remover can be damaging for wheels. 

From our step wise guide you can easily learn the exact method to remove spray paint from your wheels without causing any damage.



Using spray paint is a piece of cake but removing it from the wheels is a real elbow grease. It can be removed by using thinner paint but the actual task while removing the spray paint from wheels is to protect the tires from any kind of damage. Due to its adhesive nature spray paint adheres very tightly with the tyres and the abrasive strippers can wear them down easily. So this should be kept in mind while using a paint stripper. 

Another thing that should be kept in consideration is to follow the guidelines properly and to choose the paint thinner and suitable method according to your spray paint.

Our simplest guide will help you in choosing the best method that requires less efforts and will not be heavy on your pocket. We assure you that it will never disappoint you in getting the best result with least damage. 



As it’s difficult to REMOVE SPRAY PAINT from wheels so you cannot just rely on soap and water solution . You will have to use specific methods and tools to remove it from the wheels. 

Below are all the essentials that would be needed to get the spray paint off the wheels. 

1. Old Towel Or A Clean Cloth

Clean towel or cloth will be needed to remove the spray paint and the remnants once the cleaning process has been done.

1. Old Towel Or A Clean Cloth

2. Toothbrush

It will be helpful in removing the spray paint from small areas that are harder to reach. 

2. Toothbrush

3. Paint Thinner

Paint scripper or paint thinner is used to soften the paint so that it can be removed easily by using any towel or a cloth.

3. Paint Thinner

4. Water

Water is needed to degrease the area and to clean the area before and after the removal process to clean the excessive debris from the affected area.

4. Water

5. Sand Paper

Sand paper is used to scrape away the surface so that less paint thinner is needed. It is used for sanding purposes but be gentle while sanding the surface. 

Sand Paper

6. Toolkit

Toolkit is needed for mechanical and manual purposes. It is not an essential thing to be needed but can be helpful if you will have the basic tool kit while removing the spray paint from wheels.


7. Drill And Brush Attachment

This tool is used instead of sandpaper. It works more concisely as compared to sandpaper but is a little expensive. It can clean the surface more effectively than sandpaper and is mostly used by professionals.

Drill And Brush Attachment


You must know the type of wheels before going towards the method. Because different types of wheels require different methods to remove the spray paint. Depending upon the composition of wheels there are two types of wheels. One type that is made from aluminum and the other type that is made from alloy.  We will provide you the two different methods separately for both types but you must know about your wheels first before choosing the method. 


There are exactly five steps which can help you in removing the spray paints from wheels if you follow them religiously. 

Step 1- Seperate The Wheels From Car

This step is not very important but taking off your wheels will save you from damaging the body of your car. This step is the easiest step in the whole process and it will also be easy for you to remove the spray paint from wheels that are separated from the car rather than those that are already attached. 

Step 1- Seperate The Wheels From Car

Step 2- Cleaning

Before applying any solvent, it’s important to clean the wheels first. Wipe the wheels thoroughly with water and a clean cloth to remove the dust, debris, mud, trash, rocks and stones. You can also use any car shampoo for this purpose. 

the wheels first

Step 3- Applying Paint Thinner

Once your car wheels get cleaned with all kinds of dirt and debris it’s time to move towards the next step. In this step you need to spray the paint thinner or paint stripper on the areas where you intend to remove the spray paint. Be careful while spraying because spraying on non painted areas can cause damage. Leave the paint thinner on the affected area for a few minutes but not more than 15 minutes. After 15 minutes bubbles will start appearing on the painted area . Now move to the next step. 

Applying Paint Thinner

Step 4- Wiping

Now start wiping the paint with an old cloth when you see the bubbles appearing on the wheels after 15 minutes. Paint will be lifted easily. Clean the surface thoroughly. Don’t leave the paint stripper on wheels for a longer time. Wipe it as soon as possible otherwise it would cause damage to your tires. 

To remove the spray paint from smaller areas like corners use a toothbrush to scrub the area gently in order to lift the paint. 


Step 5-  Cleaning With Water

After cleaning the dried paint from wheels there are the chances that some debris or leftover paint is still present on the surface of wheels. For this you need water or just a clean damp cloth. Rinse the tires with water to remove all the leftover paint. You can use a damp cloth to wipe away the remnants. Repeat the process again if you see any paint stain on the wheel surface. Pressure washer is another good option to remove the stubborn stains. 

Cleaning With Water

Step 6- Buffing

Once you have cleaned all the paint from your wheels the next step is to buff your tires to give them a polished finish look. You can use sandpaper for this. But using a drill with a brush head will be more convenient and easy for you.



The whole process for both types of wheels is the same. The only difference between the two is in the final step. 

Aluminum cannot be buffed with sandpaper or a drill with a brush head. However Alloy wheels can be buffed with any of these. For Aluminum wheels you would need to use scraping to get a finished look of your tires.


Aluminum wheels can have leftover dried paint so to remove that you will need a scraper rather than sandpaper or a drill. Because in order to avoid any kind of damage, scraping is the best way to get rid of residual. Scrape away the excess dried paint very gently in order to protect the aluminum underneath. You can use a plastic brush or a plastic scraper for this purpose. Repeat this step if necessary.


Our simplest guide can be very helpful for you to remove the spray paints from wheels but in choosing the best method you must have a knowledge of your tires first. You must know whether your car wheels are made from alloy or aluminum. 

Try to be careful also while using paint thinner because leaving it for too long onto your wheels can cause damage so note down the time also after application of paint stripper. By following the instructions properly given in our guide and by using the right tools and products you can be successful in achieving the best result. 

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