What Is The Price Of Benjamin Moore Paint?

Do you intend to paint your house? Perhaps you’ve talked to a few paint specialists about the pricing and type of paint. Did they also suggest Benjamin Moore? If so, you may be asking what makes Benjamin Moore so special. What is the true cost of painting your home with Benjamin Moore paints? Is their paint reasonably priced?

Benjamin Moore is among the first names that spring to mind. You couldn’t ask for a better alternative with its rich history, plenty of high-quality things, and more than 3500 color choices.

If you wish to find out more about the paint, its price, and if it is appropriate for use. Then you’ve found the right place, since I’ve gathered all the data required to respond to your queries. As I have already walked in your shoes. So that you may make an informed decision, I gathered all the information I could for your benefit.

What Is The Price Of Benjamin Moore Paint

Company Overview

Here is a brief review of Benjamin Moore and what makes it one of the most sought-after paint brands on the market today before we get into the specifics.

Benjamin Moore, which was founded in 1883 with the intention of supplying paints and stains of the highest calibre, has since broadened its product line and worked to establish itself as a global leader. Its partnerships with tens of thousands of small stores across North America and emphasis on employing cutting-edge technology to create superior paints and finishes are what set it apart.

Since Berkshire Hathaway purchased this company in 2000, it has made significant efforts to manufacture a line of paint coatings that is environmentally friendly.

What Elements Affect The Cost Of Benjamin Moore Paint?

Benjamin Moore offers a large variety of high-quality paint materials as well as some less expensive options. Despite the fact that the prices are on the higher side. Having said that, we believe that it is better to invest more money up front on a product with a higher quality and a long lifespan.

Moreover, it’s important to first look at the elements affecting product costs before talking about individual product prices. For example, it makes sense that a paint that provides outstanding coverage and can be used on both interior and exterior surfaces will cost more than one that can only be used on interior surfaces.

What Elements Affect The Cost Of Benjamin Moore Paint

1. Finish Type

The sheen or finish type is the primary aspect that affects the pricing of the paint. Following are the finish types that Benjamin Moore provides:

Smooth Finish

There is no better method to cover up a wall’s unevenness or other flaws than to use a flat finish. As opposed to certain other finish types, it offers superior coverage and is less reflecting.

Finish In Eggshell

As it is simple to maintain, this finish type is typically suggested for high-traffic areas like the kitchen or family rooms. Additionally, it gives off a soft, polished light that gives the space a classy, sophisticated appearance.

Matte Surface

Shine-free matte finishes may effectively conceal surface flaws. Also, it is suggested since it lasts a while.

Smooth Surface

Between high-gloss and matte finishes are satin finishes. It has a silky gloss and is widely utilized to create an opulent aesthetic in dining areas. It’s easily washable, so you don’t have to strain your back to keep it clean.

Semi-Gloss Finish

Doors, window frames, and cabinets may all have a semi-gloss finish, which provides a highly reflective surface. It may also be used in areas with considerable traffic, and its surface is easy to clean.

2. Sustainability

The company’s several product lines, including Regal, Ben, and Eco Spec. All follow safety guidelines and are made to produce little volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Particularly from the company, the Natura line of paints was regarded as the gold standard for ecologically friendly paints and was approved for use by those with asthma and allergies. Later, Eco Spec took its place and was awarded the Green Seal certification.

The use of environmentally friendly paint products is becoming more and more important. Thus Benjamin Moore has been emphasizing the production of “greener” paints that don’t emit any harmful gases or emissions. As a result of these items’ benefits, their cost is higher.

3. Mildew Resistance

Durability, weatherproofing, and mildew resistance are a few more qualities that affect paint cost.

If you plan to paint the kitchen, bathroom, or other moister-prone areas, you could have to shell out more money for mildew-resistant paints. Similar to this, if you wish to paint outside surfaces like sheds, you need durable, weatherproof paint. Because of this, the price of paint per gallon increases while improving its usefulness and longevity.

What Is The Price Of Benjamin Moore Paint?

It is time to go into the specifics now that we have examined the elements that affect paint pricing. You may obtain a rough sense of the price of your paint job by having a thorough understanding of the costs associated with the various product lines from Benjamin Moore. You may use it to determine which paint best fits your needs. So let’s examine every detail.

What Is The Price Of Benjamin Moore Paint

1. Interior Colors

Bright, fading-resistant interior paint options are available from Benjamin Moore that are very simple to use. Additionally, they are durable and keep their smoothness. Therefore, there is no possibility of chipping or cracking. Here, we’ve included a list of the wide variety of interior paint products from the company, along with information on each one.

Benjamin Moore Waterborne Aura

Acrylic paints from the Aura series are available in satin, gloss, eggshell, and semi-gloss qualities. The price per gallon is $79.99. The color-lock technology used in the Aura range is well recognized. The color-lock is fantastic for brilliant, long-lasting color that won’t rub off because it is very fade resistant.

It has a mild scent and no VOCs. Additionally, it resists mildew. The self-priming paint is called Aura. This implies that you won’t need to buy a different primer like this! The paint will colorize the surface and seal it. 350–400 square feet may be covered with one gallon.

A waterborne interior paint line and a bath and spa line are both part of the Aura line. It is advised to use the bath and spa line in humid areas.

Regal Select Waterborne Benjamin Moore

More than 60 years ago, the Benjamin Moore company’s success and prosperity were attributed to the Regal line of acrylic paintings. Flat, eggshell, pearl, semigloss, and matte finishes are all available for the paint. This paint costs about $63.99 per gallon, which is a little less pricey.

The Regal paints don’t require primer. They have good coverage, are thick and creamy, and are mildew-resistant. All surfaces, including drywall, concrete, and brick, will be covered by this paint. Considering that one gallon would cover around 400–450 square feet, it offers excellent value.

Benjamin Moore Ben Waterborne

The Ben Paint range is incredibly user-friendly in design! It is marketed as being simple to apply and touch up. At $44.99 per gallon, this acrylic latex paint is the most affordable of Benjamin Moore’s interior paints.

Only semigloss, flat, and eggshell finishes are available with the Ben Paint, which has fewer finish possibilities. It is even greater value because it includes both primer and paint! Ben paint is mildew resistant, low odour, and VOC-free.

Because the Ben paints are made of acrylic latex rather than 100% acrylic, some customers prefer them over the Regal range. Since acrylic paint dries so quickly, errors can be challenging to fix. 350–400 square feet may be painted with one gallon of Ben paint.

Benjamin Moore Muresco Ceiling Paint

A flat finish acrylic paint specifically made for painting ceilings is the Muresco ceiling paint (also available on Amazon). Currently, a gallon of gas costs $41.99 on the official website. It combines the functions of paint and primer. The Muresco is renowned for its easy application and superior ceiling coverage. Additionally, it resists splatter.

Benjamin Moore Ceiling Waterborne Paint

The ultra-flat gloss of this paint is intended to help conceal ceiling flaws. The cost per gallon of Waterborne ceiling paint is $46.49. It applies quickly and provides good coverage. This has a minimal smell and zero VOC.

2. Exterior Paint

Exterior paint need to be more durable and capable of withstanding adverse weather. Additionally, it should provide adequate coverage for your outside surfaces while being resistant to water damage and fungal growth. On each of these points as well as many others, Benjamin Moore excels. We’ll go into more detail regarding its exterior colors now.

Benjamin Moore Regal Select

The premium exterior paint from Benjamin Moore is called the Regal Select. It is available in flat, soft gloss, or low lustre finishes. This paint is renowned for its high calibre and broad coverage. However, you’ll pay for it. The Regal Select has a gallon price of $63.99.

Any kind of outdoor surface, whether wood, metal, vinyl, or brick, responds well to Regal Select paint. It has a limited lifetime warranty and won’t fade, crack, or peel. You can paint even in chilly weather thanks to low-temperature applications down to 35 degrees.

Benjamin Moore Ben Waterborne

With a gallon price of $53.99, this Benjamin Moore exterior paint is more reasonably priced. This acrylic paint is available in flat, soft gloss, and low lustre finishes. It resists cracking and peeling.

A 25-year guarantee is included with the Ben paint. It may be used in environments with low temperatures of 35 degrees Fahrenheit and is mildew resistant. Ben paint may also be used on a range of surfaces.


The exterior paints from Benjamin Moore’s Aura collection offer deep, brilliant hues that hold their brilliance over time thanks to proprietary Color Lock and Gennex Colorant Technology.

Additionally, it offers outstanding durability and superior covering against various weather patterns. Along with being mildew-resistant, it dries rapidly and may be cured at lower temperatures.

Additionally, it has excellent adhesion and, unless the surface has significant defects, may usually serve as a primer. It comes in four finishes—semi-gloss, low lustre, satin, and flat—and costs $80 a gallon, comparable to the interior paint selection.

The Aura Grand Entrance line of exterior paints comes in two finishes—high-gloss and satin—and is specifically designed for entrances and trim.

Coronado Rust Scat

The Coronado Rust Scat is a great option if you’re seeking for rust-preventative coatings for your metallic exterior surfaces. This paint line is simple to apply, even over painted surfaces, and it may be used on both ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Additionally, it has good adherence and comes in a variety of lovely finishes, including as gloss, semi-gloss, and satin. It costs $55 a gallon and is offered in both water-based and alkyd-based varieties.

Exterior Stains

While we’re talking about Benjamin Moore paints, we should not neglect to mention its superb collection of exterior stains that are made especially for wooden surfaces.

Stain By Arbor Coat

All types of wood may be finished with the Arbor coat stain range, which comes in a variety of color possibilities. Additionally, it shields against peeling, scuffing, staining, and scorching. Its UV and mildew resistance safeguards the wood while also increasing its texture.

Additionally, the Gennex Color Technology included in the formulation of this self-priming stain helps in maintaining its original vibrancy and gloss. The price per gallon is $42.99.

Coronado Maxum

The Coronado Maxum Stains and Primer series, another top-notch wood stain, offers mildew resistance and a long-lasting covering. This will enhance the attractiveness of your wooden surfaces.

This range, which comes in waterborne-alkyd, acrylic, and alkyd varieties, offers excellent color retention. Also it is stain- and fade-resistant. Additionally, solid color, semi-transparent, and translucent options are offered. Depending on the kind, the price ranges from $30 to $35 a gallon.

How Much Benjamin Moore Paint Is Needed To Paint A Room Exactly?

Before starting any painting project, you must determine the amount of paint needed for your walls, windows, and doors. You also need to think about other essential tools for the job, like roller trays, brushes, tape, and rollers. You may then develop an acceptable budget and have a clear grasp of the instruments you’ll need.

Now that you are aware of the prices of all the different Benjamin Moore paints. It is time to do some math and figure out how much paint will be needed for the space.

The amount of paint required to finish a space depends on a number of factors. For instance, freshly painted drywall will absorb a lot of paint, but previously painted walls without obvious stains would only need one or two coats. There cannot be a universal solution to this problem.

To gain a rough idea of the room surface area, you may measure the room’s length, breadth, and height after taking the space taken up by the entrance and windows into account. This will aid in calculating the required amount of paint. One gallon of Benjamin Moore paint can, as we have indicated, paint between 300 and 400 square feet.

How Much Benjamin Moore Paint Is Needed To Paint A Room Exactly

How Can Benjamin Moore Paint Prices Be Reduced?

There is no denying that Benjamin Moore is one of the premium paint brands available today. However, its features and efficacy make up for the price, and its durability reduces its cost. However, we have some advice below that will help you save money and lower the cost of the paint.

Bulk Buying

That is right! One option is to buy 5-gallon paint buckets, which are less expensive than 1-quart or 1-gallon alternatives. You’ll probably need more than one gallon if you’re rebuilding and repainting the house. Therefore, buying paint in quantity is advised to gain discounts and decrease the price per gallon.

Reduce The Number Of Coats

Despite appearances to the contrary, reducing the number of coats won’t have any negative effects on colour brightness or coverage. Let’s elaborate.

Despite the Benjamin Moore paint series’ claims to be “self-priming,” it is still advisable to use a primer since a well primed surface takes fewer coats. This enhances the paint colour, increases paint coverage, and improves the paint’s adhesion to the wall surface. You’ll consequently need less paint overall.

This works especially well if you’re painting on drywall or another porous surface for the first time.

Shop At Neighborhood Stores

Local businesses are more likely to sometimes lower prices and give discounts. In addition, they occasionally keep dented cartons in the store’s rear. You may utilise them for your renovation project as long as the inside paint is in excellent condition. Additionally, store-bought items are free of shipping fees, which is a perk.

Additionally, many hardware stores provide paint samples, which will make choosing a color much simpler.

How Does Benjamin Moore Compare To Its Rivals?

If you’ve done a lot of research on Benjamin Moore paints, it’s possible that Sherwin Williams has accidentally popped up. For your needs in interior and exterior painting, both of these manufacturers provide a wide selection of high-quality supplies.

However, Benjamin Moore stands out because it offers the same performance—possibly even better—for less money. Take the most costly items from each brand as an illustration. Priced at $80 per gallon for the Benjamin Moore Aura brand and $90 for the Sherwin Williams Emerald line, respectively.

It’s the same with exterior paints. The Superpaint Exterior Latex line from Sherwin Williams is more expensive at $70 per gallon than the Regal Select line from Benjamin Moore, which costs $64 per gallon.

So, the answer to your question about whether another brand might provide the same features at a lesser cost is no. Despite being pricey, Benjamin Moore is able to produce high-quality goods that are powerful and worth the money.

What Stores Carry Benjamin Moore Paint?

Retail Stores

Benjamin Moore paints are sold in retail establishments including Lowe’s and Ace Hardware. Benjamin Moore could be available at certain nearby paint shops. Find a sales location close to you by using the website’s shop finder.

Online Stores

On their website, Benjamin Moore paint may also be ordered online. However, not all products can be bought online. For instance, I was informed that the Waterborne ceiling paint and the Ben interior paint were only available for in-store pickup.

On the internet, there are alternatives for in-store pickup. If you prefer a particular paint, you may purchase and pay for it on the website, then pick it up nearby in as little as three hours.

On Amazon, I was also able to obtain Benjamin Moore paint in a few restricted hues. If you’re looking for white Benjamin Moore ceiling paint, Amazon could be a good alternative. Also their prices aren’t always equal to or cheaper than those posted on the Benjamin Moore website.

How Can I Get Benjamin Moore Paint Cheaper?

I love smart buying tactics! Watch for discounts and specials at your neighbourhood hardware shop. Benjamin Moore paint occasionally finds its way to a damaged or sale rack. You may be able to locate a discount if you are vigilant!

As long as the paint inside the can is intact, a slightly dented can wouldn’t affect the quality of the paint. Therefore, it is nearly always a good idea to get one of those cans at a considerable discount.

Prime first if you are making a significant color change since this is another way to reduce the cost of paint in general. There are tinted primers like this one. The previous paint may be effectively covered using primer. This implies that the fresh paint will only require a few coats. This advice is still applicable even if Benjamin Moore is a primer paint!

What Will Painting A Room Actually Cost?

Two coats of Benjamin Moore paint ought to do the trick if you are not drastically changing the hue!

The average bedroom in the US is 150 square feet. Most usually, one gallon of Benjamin Moore paint will be sufficient for two coats of painting. Your cost for paint will range from $44.99 for Benjamin Moore Ben inside paint to $79.99 for Benjamin Moore Aura paint, depending on the colour you select.

The cost of the necessary painting supplies will range from $75 to $100. Therefore, it will cost between $120-$180 to paint a bedroom using Benjamin Moore paint.

The average American living room is 600 square feet. To paint a living room, two gallons of paint are required. Benjamin Moore paint will cost you between $89.98 and $159.98 per gallon. Benjamin Moore paint will cost you between $165 and 260 dollars if the cost of painting supplies is factored in.

Can I Obtain Sample Products?

On the Benjamin Moore website, you may download product samples. A little version of these may be provided for free by your local retailer! Large 48″ color swatches are available for $1.99 apiece. Each 12″ by 12″ peel and stick paint sample costs $5.99.

Depending on the kind of paint, pint-sized color samples cost between $10.99 and $13.99. Before purchasing a full gallon of paint, a paint sample can be useful.

Q&A Regarding Benjamin Moore Paint Prices

In its efforts to offer environmentally friendly products, Benjamin Moore has achieved significant strides. Numerous low- or no-VOC products are available. Furthermore, Gennex Color Technique is a waterborne tinting technology that preserves color quality and consistency without the need of chemicals or surfactants.

The Safety Data Sheet, which details the toxicity of each type of paint, is also easily accessible. Due to all of these factors and the low odour emission, it is one of the most environmentally friendly paint brands available.

The brand’s greenest paint comes from the Eco Spec line, which took the place of the Natura line. It emits no odour or volatile organic compounds (VOCs), has a negligible odour. It has been awarded multiple third-party certifications that call it one of the most environmentally friendly paint alternatives.

There is no definitive response to this query. As a general rule, latex-based paints dry more quickly than alkyd ones, and paint dries quickly in a dry atmosphere. The technical data sheet that the brand gives for its products is therefore preferable to refer to. It contains particular information about the paint drying time.

Final Judgment

Benjamin Moore has become a favourite among interior designers and is highly sought after by consumers thanks to its carefully created product line’s gorgeous colours, high coverage, and fade resistance.

Despite being more expensive up front, the paints from this brand will wind up costing you less money in the long run because you won’t have to paint the house again for a very long time. Additionally, the paint is defenceless against mildew growth and weather deterioration. Even though it costs a little bit of money, you won’t regret it.

If you have the money to spend, the Aura line of interior and exterior paints will be your best choice. But if you’re on a limited budget, Ben Interior and Exterior should be your first pick.

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